Attire "Western"

It originated in the Wild West style, which later received the most notoriety - cowboy style or Western style. Currently, this style has become increasingly popular.

People who appreciate comfort, a sense of freedom and an active lifestyle, choose the Western style.

The Western-style clothes the most common colors: black, white, red, gray, brown, and even with the use of a pattern.


Style free or semiadherent silhouette.

Clothes for this style is sewn from certain, textiles leather, suede, and used the lighter linen and cotton fabrics.

Accessory uses massive wide belts, laces, scarves, bandanas and scarves. Also needed cowboy hat and soft bag-wallet, with rivets made of metal and fringe. Of different colors made of plastic necklaces, imitating a predator teeth. A shoe selection is very limited, it is lightweight loafers and boots that have beveled heels and sharp noses.


Western-style wardrobe consists of a satin or silk cowboy shirts, jackets, denim pants or colorful skirts, leather trousers with inserts of lace. The dress has a cutting waist skirt long belt assemblies assembled and always with narrow sleeves. Shirts can be self-colored, plaid or other suitable colors.

It must be remembered that the hat should be lighter boots. Trouser jeans and use a blue or dark green. The belt of the combination should be suitable to his boots. Dress necessarily bright tone, and a scarf of red cloth.