Business style clothing

For office and business meetings with partners Business is , the business style of, characterized by its practicality and convenience.

For the business style of clothing is characterized by the following basic colors: black, gray, white, blue, olive, brown, color of water, stone, sand, grass and pastel colors.

Silhouette of clothing business style must be semifitted, voluminous flared or free.

Business style clothing

A fabric must meet special requirements. It must be of high quality, pleasant to look at and definitely should not wrinkle. Most often for tailoring business suits using natural fabrics such as wool or silk.

It is also possible to use a fabric made of mixed fibers which have obvious advantages. They are very practical to wear, not dirty and look like natural ones.

Bags - must-have accessory for the business style. Business lady choose plain roomy handbags, made in a classic style, while men prefer to cases and briefcases. Among jewelry typically selected small chain with pendant, ring inconspicuous, small pearl earrings or decoration.

Business style clothing

for the shoe business style is characterized by low heel or no. In such shoes are practically no decoration, it is sure to leather and matte. In general, patent shoes is not suitable to be worn during the day.

One of the options wardrobe business person might look like this: cardigan, turtleneck, cardigan or vest.

Under the classic jacket usually worn knitted shirt, top or turtleneck.

A jacket that has a shallow recess, can be put directly on the underwear. Skirt style business should be up to the middle of the knee. Tights necessarily solid or neutral color, acceptable black color, as well as cream and dark blue colors.