How to choose clothes for growth

If before a properly fitted wardrobe items, can help hide some figure flaws, small breasts, short legs, or fullness, is today among modern designers were developing original and sophisticated silhouettes. Modern models of clothes are able to solve even this problem is to high or too short.

Hides tall

petite girl, leggy models envy. High girls most fragile and slender build, and many people have complexes associated with growth. For this it is necessary that others pay less attention to the height of growth, emphasize the favorable side of the figure.

How to choose clothes for growth

to the aid of For tall girls


  • length tight skirt to the knee. When choosing the length of the lower or higher draw attention to growth. That is why choosing the length of the skirt to the knee.
  • ballet flat flat shoes or small heels.
  • presence in the clothing of the horizontal pattern or ornament. This is permissible only skinny girls
  • You can not wear a cardigan with buttons, a large number of small buttons, visually increases growth. Preferably jackets, in which one or two buttons.
How to choose clothes for growth

If you have almost a standard model figure, you will approach things with a close-fitting silhouette, but not too tight as this can stress growth.

Loose clothes, large size, only pay attention to the excessive thinness. In the selection of items for the wardrobe refer to the golden mean.

How to increase growth

Girls small increase slightly (to grow) is easier than high (decrease) in height. To appear taller, use the following guidelines:

  • elongated silhouette of the jacket, the length should be slightly higher than the hip, visually legs look longer.
  • The patterns and designs on clothing, should be vertical.
  • fitting tight skirts must cover the knees.

short stature Girls prefer shoes with high heels. The heels are different. Thin stiletto heels, really make you taller. But a massive platform, not only visually shorten the figure, but also reduce the growth.