Folk style

Folk style - a combination of simple daily things with elements of national dress.

Fans of folk style - it's patriots of their country, they respect and honor the traditions, rituals and style.

The color palette of folk style allows only natural colors.

This style is characteristic of straight, trapezoidal and semilying silhouette.

Preference is given to natural fabrics: cotton and flax fabric, wool and silk.

Folk style


: Embroidery, lace, openwork, weaving, lace and ruffles. When choosing hats, preference is given headscarves and caps of various shapes. To pick clothes mainly wood or leather ornaments or decorations made of natural semi-precious stone. Shoes in folk style

Slippers, boots, shoes, shoes with laces and without.

Folk style


: Long folk skirt to toe, with a print blouse or traditional ornament, jacket and pants fabric from stretching, long gown, embroidered, multi-sets, pleated skirt. Fans of this style like to wear sleeveless jackets, coats, hoods, capes, GAMBESON spacious and warm sweaters.