Stylish clothes. Dress stylishly.

Latest fashion trends of development indicate that it is important not only what we wear, but great importance is the fact, how we do it. Among the huge number of styles and trends in fashion, there are some basics, which is to adhere to.

If you follow the basic rules, it is quite possible to create your very individual unique style. Often we unconsciously choose a particular style, so why not see how to use this style with the greatest effect?

Stylish clothes. Dress stylishly.

Style "NEP" has its origins in the twenties - thirties of last century, however, it is still in fashion collections there are elements that are relevant to this particular direction. NEP is translated as - a new economic policy for this style peculiar to certain mannerisms and demonstration of financial condition.

Generally, dresses, developed in this direction have underestimated waist opening and knees. Binding lace fishnet stockings, flirty hats and cigarettes with long mouthpieces. This style fits a short haircut.

In recent years, the desire of society to the environment has given rise to a new style, which is clearly seen the desire only to natural materials. Have chosen this direction trying to wear a minimum of synthetic materials, and often even avoid them. Nevertheless, in this style there is some controversy, when people on one side tend to natural materials, on the other avoid using animal products, trying to replace them with artificial imitation fur or skin. Typically, this style uses fabric soft pastel colors with the image of flowers, herbs and animals. Typically such a garment has a free fit and maximum simplified view of a no-frills lace ornaments and too complicated patterns.

Today is also very popular among fashionistas "marine" style, which is dominated by the colors of the azure sky and the blue of the sea. In this direction, often used sailor collar, striped fabric, or with a picture of waves and underwater features. In other words, this style develops the theme of sailors and moryachek.

Stylish clothes. Dress stylishly.

Next Style, which we consider here, called "bodifeshn" as the foundation of this style is a demonstration of the beauty of the human body. In this style, the most common fitting elements, emphasizing the lines of the human body. Often, these models leave open the legs, thighs and buttocks part. This clothing is focused on maximum comfort and movement figures demonstrating perfect, so this style will go only to those who have something to show.

It is also quite popular in today's fashion style directions "Folk", which is widely used folk motifs. Folklore often sets the direction of the main trend in the new collections of clothes. In order to make such clothes more appropriate for the urban environment modelers slightly alter the traditional elements of the rural folk costumes. In these clothes are often used homespun fabric and intricate hand embroidery. It maintained throughout the folk style combined with natural materials.

There are so many styles, but the main thing in fashion to find a style that will help you more fully to emphasize their unique personality and will help make your life more comfortable.