Choosing dress for corporate parties

Every woman on the eve of holiday parties, korporotivov think about the selection of dress that would perfectly emphasized the dignity of her figure and cleverly concealed defects. To outfit made a more attractive figure and hide problem areas, pay attention to our recommendations when choosing the right dress for you.

Choosing dress for corporate parties

Tips when choosing a dress for corporate parties

1. pullover, jacket or dress with v-neckline draws attention to the neck, extend it and helps to optically narrow shoulders are too wide.

2. Major figure with too wide hips will help to make a long slim blazer. It should be borne in mind that it should only swift hips and legs should be kept open. The emphasis is on the straight line of the shoulder that helps a woman look slimmer.

3. Shoes and tights that are combined with each other and the darker tone of the entire garment is well concealed feet completeness.

4. If you prefer to narrow skirt or pants, the best accessories for them are the type of batch file blouses made of soft fabric. 5. Wearing the classic jacket with long lapels and two rows of buttons, you can pull a few figure and reduce the waist, especially if it is worn over a slim body or topic.

6. For those who definitely wants to look slim, form-fitting jackets are recommended long and narrow trousers. Wearing this together high-heeled shoes, you are significantly visually lengthen legs.

7. Complete legs make slimmer tights soft tones, with the entire length of the vertical pattern.

Choosing dress for corporate parties

8. Decrease breast by using darker shades with blouses not large and not catchy pattern. Model pastel or bright colors on the contrary draw attention to large breasts.

9. Women athletic can improve your figure with the help of jackets with a belt. The main thing is that they are sewn from the gentle and soft, not rough and dense tissue.

10. It is not necessary to wear closed or strappy shoes, if you are too wide ankle. You no longer fit classic shoes like "boat" with a pointed cape and a deep cut. Do not forget at the same time the presence of dark tights. This deficiency also hide boots with wide tops. 11. Visually help to lengthen the short or full neck classic blouses with a sharp collar or a small v-shaped neckline.

12. Women with short legs will help create a better figure proportions outfit with a high waistline.

13. hide heavy hips will skirt A-shaped silhouette. And if a woman has beautiful proportions of the upper part of the figure, it can be put on the upper part of the dress slim silhouette. Also, you can hide this shortcoming through a long skirt and a pullover.

14. If you want to come to the corporate in slinky dress of soft knitted fabrics, it is better to buy it one size larger, which will help in a better light to present her figure, while disguising problem areas. Just do not let that skin-tight dress hip.