How to pick up a suit of the Snow Maiden?

Probably every girl was on New Year's Eve in the role of the Snow Maiden, no matter where it occurred at children's parties and corporate parties.

There are many variants of the costume of the Snow Maiden from the classics to the author's model. How to pick up a suit of the Snow Maiden?

On the choice of costume is influenced by such factors as:

  1. the audience before which it will be necessary to act.
  2. scenario of the holiday.
  3. Finance, which you can spend on clothes.
  4. external data girls.

Classic dress

The most versatile is the classic outfit that is suitable for any audience and a girl with any data. Its basis is the coat, which can be up to the middle of the knee or to the floor. She is on the neck, cuffs and hem made either artificial or natural fur. On such a suit would look favorably fabric such as white or blue satin, satin with lace, white or Lurex fabric.

How to pick up a suit of the Snow Maiden?

is worn on the head takes, which is made from white and fluffy mohair, which is sprinkled with a little New Year's "snow". Still included are white and fluffy mittens with an elastic band or a sleeve of the same material, which is trimmed at the edges of the coat. From shoes are perfect for white boots, stockings on a small heel.

If the girl chooses mittens, something else can be of the same fabric to buy a bag with a long shoulder strap. There you can put some small otkrytochku and gifts. The shape of the bag should be square and the size of the party must be equal to 2023 cm. Closed bag will be as "envelope". Clasp it should have from the big blue or silver glass Original costume of the Snow Maiden.

In place of the classic suit can be selected with a national focus or professional. It all depends on the audience.

How to pick up a suit of the Snow Maiden?

The emphasis should be one and a very well-defined. Suppose togather from a floral company at a party can predstvait as nymphs and put her head a crown of small and large chrysanthemums, and in his hands it will have a basket with silver confetti.

How to pick up a suit of the Snow Maiden?

One of the novelties are pantsuits for the granddaughter of Santa Claus. They can emphasize the shape and significantly differ from the rest.

Costumes erotic direction

This outfit is suitable for bold and quite unselfconsciously ladies. Of course, the dress can be anything, but then do not be surprised, as you will have to look around.

How to pick up a suit of the Snow Maiden?

Costume includes a short fur coat and a funny hat. Under the fur coat you will wear short dresses in red or golden color with a deep neckline. You can still wear stockings with lace garter white shoes with high heels. You can paste in the neck area of ​​a brilliant tattoo.

This type of suit is suitable if you are celebrating a holiday with your loved ones together.