From what to wear shorts

To date, shorts are relevant not only in the summer. Different length and a style shorts worn in all seasons.

Perhaps the shorts - a necessary item in the wardrobe of all the girls, like the popular tunic.

Not every girl will look equally good in short shorts and not all fit long. Here it is necessary to take into account the individuality of the shape. And of course it is important to learn how to combine the shorts with other things and accessories.

Now try to understand the peculiarities of accessories, shoes and clothing, which will be perfectly combined with a variety of shorts.

Choose shorts

Often women with non-ideal figure not accept in your wardrobe is no such thing as shorts. They do not consider that the correct choice of color and style, shorts are a perfect complement of the image and allow to catch yourself admiring glances.

When the growth model should not wear too short shorts. Much better would look a little above the knee shorts are not excluded and cuffs.

Too slender girls suit shorts with print. Tone on tone patterns in front of only emphasize thinness. It is not necessary to get too slim too loose shorts. But also quite tight not the best option for thin.

When awkward figure to emphasize and highlight the waist will help a wide belt on the shorts.

Denim shorts - universal version, they look great on any type of figure.

Also, almost every girl fit shorts - bermuda. It is only necessary to choose the length of their right and thus brighten up the figure.

What to wear shorts

What to wear shorts in the winter?

Many famous fashion designers are very partial to shorts and often use them in their winter collections.

Winter fashion and style will look shorts combined with black tights. It is important to choose the right color. Tights black are good with almost all shorts. Much more should pay attention to the light and bright color.

From what to wear shorts

For the integrity and completeness of the image is important when choosing the color of tights under shorts, to consider what you will be shoes and outerwear.

When you select the top of clothing shorts suit jacket, knitted sweater, jacket with a high collar. Also, with conventional shorts would ideally look strict shirt light colors with long sleeves.

From what to wear shorts

is diverse selection of shoe models shorts. In winter it can be fashionable boots, low boots, stylish boots in men's style. And of course it looks great comfortable Ugg boots and high boots with heels.

What to wear with shorts in the spring and autumn?

From what to wear shorts

If your wardrobe is already shorts for the season autumn-spring, you must decide what to wear with them.

The ideal solution would be the top of the knitted cardigan. When the weather is not too cold to wear a jacket and time has not come, cardigan becomes a nice warm one. A good idea to look and knitted sweater.

From what to wear shorts

Ankle boots with heels - an interesting solution for shoes cool season. And, of course, the image will become a style and finish, if you use the tights. Suit or classic black, a suitable color to shoes or shorts.

From what to wear shorts

A very nice look fashionable knitted socks. Modern young women actively combine them with shorts in the fall and spring. However, fashion designers are also often used in tandem with leggings shorts in his famous collections. Military style, which enjoys great popularity today, also involves shorts. From shoe fit shoes with laces in men's style, and the top shirt in military style.

From what to wear shorts

In the spring look great with shorts, T-shirts of bright colors with long sleeves. In case of rain or cold to help you come a light coat in bright colors. He will protect and warm and harmoniously merge with shorts.

What to wear with shorts in summer?

Summer top choice, which is perfect for shorts, huge. It's tops, shirts, T-shirts, a variety of shirts. The color scheme is also much wider and more varied. In addition to bright colors, fit bright tops and T-shirts. Keep an eye only, so that they blend with the style shorts. Combined classic summer shorts and a white shirt, it's easy to go to work.

From what to wear shorts

From shoes choose summer sandals, ballet flats or lightweight knitted boots. Also pay attention to platform sandals or heels. For example, denim shorts with sandals look delightful on a wide cork platform.

Trendy shorts - it's a win-win and convenient thing in your wardrobe. They fit a variety of accessories, clothing and shoes. You can go in shorts and on a romantic date, and fashionable party. And also to use them in everyday life and at work.