Office fashion for full

Owners of luxury seductive figure, it is necessary in the workplace, hide curvy shape, offers a variety of models of clothes for the office that he is perfect.

Not so long ago, it was quite difficult to find office clothes for larger women. Currently Enchy factory produces clothing in a wide range. You can pick up a thing of any style, colors of a suitable material to you.

Office fashion for full

Office fashion for full

Suits with trousers or a skirt

Complete women instead of democratic pants, you can wear to work pants style capris. The classic capri pants, women's ankle remains open, from this figure seems to be more easy and elegant.

Light trousers in summer are not a contradiction Dresen-code and do not make a woman more fully, provided that they are chosen with taste.

With straight cut trousers must be worn fitted jacket, long no more than mid-thigh and a suitable color to the pants. Refresh and add elegance suit, light silk blouse, light colors.

Classic style office for the women, the skirt suit. Since the fashion trend of bright colors, white suit with a skirt in the summer will be the way, and in the fall or winter, suitable sand and pastel colors. Now fashion accessories, it can be a belt, wearing a jacket on top, which will refresh the image of the business.

Office fashion for full


Fashion office color

For office fashion, in addition to a properly sized clothing style, color is very important. Complete women boldly wear work clothes in white, ivory and champagne. Also considered fashionable things peach, light brown, sand and terracotta colors.

Ladies who prefer brighter clothes, can choose suits, khaki, as well as fill up your wardrobe with clothes from the shades of red.

Office fashion for full Office fashion for full Office fashion for full Office fashion for full Office fashion for full

The combined white and black, are always fashionable. In a black suit with a white blouse, a plump woman always looks elegant. It traced a serious style and gives the image of rigor. It's a win-win.

What are the accessories to wear to work?

Designers recommend for obese women, it is desirable to office attire wearing a massive bright accessories. They are selected very carefully, so that they blend in with the clothes.

Office fashion for full

A thin gold chain with a small pendant elegant, suitable clothing classical style - for example to the suit. In conjunction with it will look good and small earrings exquisite ring, the jewelry, must be gold.