How to dress for woman spring 50

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to look stylish and elegant. This is especially important in the spring, when nature wakes up all refreshed, I want to breathe fresh air, which soars and freedom, and youth, and love. And women over fifty is more necessary than twenty years.

Every woman is very important to look younger than their age on the passport, it tends to be better than the rest of their peers. The most important thing in the pursuit of fashion and beauty does not look ridiculous and absurd. It is very important at this age, carelessly let go leaving adolescence and be prepared to take a noble manhood.

How to dress for woman spring 50

Christie Brinkley - 56 years.

Supersupermodel 80s, was married to Billy Joel.

Age fifty beautiful by the fact that a woman is still able to conquer and break the hearts of men. And does it successfully, but it is not open bright dresses, and its elegant way, which was created over the years and is able to demonstrate its unique taste.

Women in this wonderful age should choose clothing classical style. Very good choice if it will stop at the elegant things with a barely perceptible aura of sexuality. After all, a woman should always remain a mystery. Colors are very important when choosing a spring wardrobe. In order to create the image was bright and cheerful, it is preferable to choose juicy and rich, but quite muted shades.

How to dress for woman spring 50

Jennifer Tilly, an actress - '51.

How to Dress for Spring women 50? The following are practical recommendations.

How to choose a dress?

Dress - a compulsory subject of the wardrobe of any woman, but especially the ladies as a noble age. Dress must be moderately open as much as possible to have a good accent and emphasize the figure hostess. It is very important to choose the right fabric for this dress - it must be of high quality and luxury. Therefore, it is recommended to stop the choice on wool quality costume or jacquard fabric, velvet. Very unusual and elegant look dress, which harmoniously combines dense and thin fabric. That delicate fabrics (chiffon, satin textured lace, guipure) organically cover the area of ​​the hands and neck, making the dress feminine and sexy, but a woman - an icon of taste and style in men's eyes. Burgundy, dark green, deep blue, warm chocolate, violet - precisely those shades that give the dress a noble chic.

How to choose a skirt?

The most versatile and will never go out of fashion, are undoubtedly conservative pencil skirt and romantic skirt-year. They - excellent companion true lady always manage to hide flaws and maximum benefit emphasize the dignity of the female figure. The best colors for skirts become gray, beige, maroon, as well as classic black.

Here are just a black skirt is better to choose from elegant fabrics, combining with a cold and bright top. Elegant lady is no longer should wear short skirts, but it is possible to diversify the model of the original cuts or slots. But at the same time, do not overdo it, because the image should be stylish and harmonious.

How to choose an elegant blouse?

If the figure allows, you can pick up a beautiful golf course, which can be a variety of original palatine and decorate a beautiful brooch. Conservative, strict blouse classic cut - irreplaceable thing in the spring wardrobe fifty women, but it is preferable to wear them in the ensemble with a well-fitting jacket on a figure.

Also suitable ladies knitted sweater, semifitted silhouette. They will be a great addition to a skirt or trousers, they are extremely easy to use, do not hold down movements, and successfully hide all the flaws. It would be superfluous to have in her wardrobe and some elegant tunics. They are extremely stylish and fashionable.

How to choose the pants?

Woman 50 simply must have in her wardrobe stylish trousers, to keep pace with the times. Preference is to give a classic model of medium width. Put aside the brightly decorated narrow and wide model - they will only accentuate the fact that you want to hide. Select those models that best will hide flaws figures and feet, and will also be well combined with blouses, tops, sweaters. Color following Trouser - Black, Blue, Gray. Chance of a dark purple color option for an evening gown.

How to choose a jacket?

Very good decision when choosing a jacket will be a model, tailored on the bias. Historical version of this coat - capes supposed lack of sleeves, but the current model is most often performed with sleeves. Such a model will show a woman in the most favorable light, skillfully hiding all the excess kilograms and centimeters.

Petite ladies should choose a shorter model with three-quarter sleeves, slightly bulky.

But the tall woman is better to prefer mid-length model with a slightly elongated sleeves or add an image high gloves. This jacket will not soon go out of fashion, will not lose its relevance, and the next spring season, giving your image a little glamor and respectability. Do not be afraid to add more colors and moods in my life. Your colors for outerwear - burgundy, blue, beige, emerald.

And yet, how to dress a lady of noble age, so as not to lose its appeal? Observe the balance between conservative and sexuality, aiming to create an elegant, individual style. Thanks to the harmonious image, you will always cause delight and admiration of the strong half of young representatives of the weaker sex. Below you will see a beautiful women over 50:

How to dress for woman spring 50

Isabelle Adjani - '54.

Client YSL Beauty Institute, regularly makes a face massage, thalassotherapy is interested.

Practiced separate meals, do not eat sweets and drink 1, 5-2 liters of water per day.

How to dress for woman spring 50

Lena Ulin - '54.

Actress, do pilates.

How to dress for woman spring 50

Beverly Johnson - 58 years.

The first black model on the cover of American "Vogue" in 1974.

In the photo - with a daughter.

How to dress for woman spring 50

Beverly D'Angelo - 58 years.

The actress and singer, broke the hearts of many ...

At the time, I met with Al Pacino, which gave birth to twins at the age of almost 50 years.

How to dress for woman spring 50

Queen Noor of Jordan - 59 years.