Dress sexy, but not vulgar

Dress sexy, but not vulgar

How to dress sexy, but it does not seem like a woman of easy virtue? Perhaps there is one girl who never ask such questions. So, in order to look tempting to remember a couple of elementary secrets.

The first symmetry and illusion - that's the basis of sexual image. Highlight only the most splendid its features, but do not flaunt it too much. Your pride - it's magnificent breasts from nature? Gain some decollete dress, but observe moderation, so as not to attract undue attention of men and unwanted babies are breastfed.

Nature endowed you the envy of shapely legs? Highlight their dress or skirt, the end of which a few centimeters above the knee. Flawlessly flat tummy - the envy of your friends? Wear close-fitting jackets and slinky dresses.

Second, a great importance is wisely chosen lingerie. Wear a good bra, under wear tight clothes seamless panties or thong. If you want to hide the appearance of cellulite, flabby stomach and other disadvantages, get corrective underwear: Waist tights, different belt. Quality underwear - a guarantee that the clothes will be good to sit and to emphasize the dignity of your figure.

Third, leave room for rampant imagination. Needless to openly dress only vulgar and tasteless women. Well-dressed woman has the art of seduction and dresses so that unleash the male imagination. In no case did not cut away too much: emphasize only the legs, waist, thighs or chest. Fourth, ever forget about overly revealing clothing. It is necessary to impose a severe taboo clothing resembling underwear, LYCRA tops, understated jeans, exposing the coccyx, transparent blouse, black leggings slinky, lacy clothes completely. Curvy hips and large breasts, covered too tight clothing, look defiant, but not sexually.

The fifth, if you pick up trendy clothes with taste, it speaks about your elegance and sexuality. Buying trendy clothes, make sure it fits you perfectly. But under any pretext not to wear clothes of last fashion. Forget about what clothes you wore in high school or college years, if you do not want everyone to think that you live in the past and no different taste.

In the sixth, sexuality is in the details. Even the most beautiful and stylish dress will look at least ridiculous, if you wear it with cheap ornaments or unsuitable footwear. Perfectly matched wardrobe should be supplemented with expensive perfume, high-quality accessories, a stunning hairdo and exquisite makeup. And never forget about grooming and cleanliness!