How to choose clothes on body type?

Absolutely every woman dreams about proportioned figure. But often the nature or disproportionately distributes our body or treats us with unprecedented generosity. That is why in such cases emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its shortcomings you can try using the properly chosen clothes. Much attention should be paid not only a style to choose clothes, but also the type of tissue from which the clothes sewn.

How to choose clothes for the figure type?


This figure is characterized by approximately the same volume of the breast and thighs with a pronounced waistline.

This is the classic female figure in the style of Marilyn Monroe. Emphasize your strengths will help you soft, flowing fabrics such as silk, cotton and fine wool, jersey, crepe de Chine and quality viscose. You should avoid heavy fabrics, which only add to your figure completeness. Very well with this type of figure will look:

- close-fitting jackets;

- tight knit skirt;

- dress-shirt with a belt at the waist;

- any other fashions that emphasize the waist.

the following clothes should be avoided


- clothes are sewn from a fairly dense tissue;

- too tight styles.

How to choose clothes on body type? How to choose clothes on body type?

2. shape type "pear".

This figure is characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders.

You need with this type of figure to focus on the upper part of his body and conceal the surplus in the hips area. It is worth to use wide necklines, and jackets and blouses sewn shoulder pads. Opt mainly on bright fabrics, but be careful when choosing cotton fabrics, cotton shed much. Very attractive you will look like the dresses of chiffon, linen, fine wool and viscose velvet. Choose the type of shape for your next clothing, focusing on the upper component of the wardrobe:

- jackets, blouses and pullovers bright colors.

Your silhouette should completely follow the contours of your body in its upper part and extend downward.

Avoid clothing such as


- completely tight fashion;

- skirts-tulips;

- contrasting colors in the lower part of the ensemble;

- a variety of eye-catching details in the hip area.

How to choose clothes on body type? How to choose clothes on body type?

3. shape type "apple".

This figure is a rounded type and predominantly occurs in women prone to be overweight.

In your case, the perfect choice would be the clothes with vertical longitudinal seams, lines and finishes. The fabric of your clothes should be sufficiently thin and of high quality that you do not look vulgar. Fit satin, crepe de chine, soft wool and lightweight gabardine. Do not forget that lung tissue very quickly lose their shape and, therefore, require careful handling and careful maintenance.

Bulky materials such as mohair and tweed, not fit for your figure, they will add you to the visual excess kilograms. It is not necessary to dress for the same reason, and things sewn from shiny satin type fabric.

turned his attention to things such as


- deep V-neck;

- simple, straight-cut trousers;

- narrowing down models of trousers;

- skirt, opening legs. Try to avoid


- wide long skirts;

- slim line models;

- attention-grabbing details at the waist line.

How to choose clothes on body type? How to choose clothes on body type?

4 type of shape "Rectangle".

Lean figure with practically the same volume and chest, and hips, and waist.

For this silhouette will be the best choice of clothing made from tough tissues that keep well and retain the shape of cotton, tweed, satin, gabardine, thick silk and wool. Details of the dress and its decoration in this case, what will be more massive, so much the better.

It is necessary to look at the wardrobe elements such as


- straight pants;

- narrow skirt with an elastic band;

- dress with straight silhouette without eye-catching details.

It is not recommended to wear


- wide flared trousers;

- form-fitting clothing;

- Avoid clothing ruff and flounces.

How to choose clothes on body type? How to choose clothes on body type?