Dress code

If you know how to dress tastefully, it has the main advantage of women, which will allow you to look perfect. But this art can be learned by examining all dress code.

Elegant dresses


Some women like to dress variously, not wearing the same thing twice in a week. And it is good, if your things of good quality.

Rules of etiquette say that you need to choose quality over quantity: it is better let it be a small amount. Therefore, if you have purchased an expensive blouse from superior fabrics and excellent tailoring, it'll look superb. This is much better than a large number of different models, which spoil your appearance.

Dress code

The main feature excellent taste is the pursuit of elegance. Elegant clothes can not be cheap, however, does not always correspond to the price of clothing aesthetic dignity. In addition, even the expensive clothes, at times, looks tasteless due to improper selection of costume elements of the silhouette, style, size and so on. just the right size, color and texture of clothes the ability to turn a woman into a princess.

By tailoring very much depends, especially its elegance. It is very important to pay attention to the cut of clothes, her proportions. Choose quality clothing is very simple, if you know the basic signs that you should pay attention when choosing.

Here are some basic rules of clothing in assessing its quality


The joints must not be stretched or form wrinkles assembly. Lateral line should be very smooth, and the same stitches - not different from each other. Inside the joint should be treated as a zigzag or zaposhivochnye. The gaskets should adhere very well to the fabric, in any case not pull, and not to generate wrinkles, the best option is that, when they are sewn, not glued.

Piping should have a beautiful line, and it is best that they are are cut on the bias.

If your clothes have symmetrical pockets, then you need to pay attention, that they are the same and the same level. Pockets should be aligned without forming wrinkles. The lines should be very smooth and allowances necessarily processed.

Edge products should not mow. Allowances must be hem finished braid or formed by slice. The line runs along the bottom edge should not pull, allowance must not be visible.

Dress code

Fashion Rules

The buttons must be located at the same distance from each other, and the hinges are very well prometany.

Belt, made of fabric makes the product more affordable, better use of leather. it is not necessary to purchase a belt made of plastic.

Thread should match the color of the fabric and the lines do not stand out from the products, if they are not decorative.

Jacket is required to have a lining, in the best case, created from a natural material, so that it is not electrified and will not stick to your body. The collar should not puff up, do not wrap, in other words, he should lie flat.

Fabric products must correspond to the type of your figure and its density. It is best to buy clothes made of natural fabrics. Care should be taken so that the picture has been agreed in the joint areas of seams, especially if it is a cell or strip. If you think that tight clothing visually reduces your figure, you are wrong. Tight clothing immediately shows you all of your figure flaws and it looks very cheap.

From a psychological point of view, a woman can feel great: small size, and therefore the figure of all is excellent. However, the surrounding so will not be considered, so be careful when choosing a fitting clothes.

On the clothing label can be written anything, but it does not mean that the composition of the present. Most importantly pay attention to how your clothes are sitting on you.

Dress code

During the selection of the base type of clothing, the following rules must be observed clothes socks


sleeve seam vtachnoy your blouse should be placed on the outside, and located along the humerus. The length of your arm should be up to the wrist bone and width together with an allowance of about 4 centimeters.

Distance buttons should be from breast line which extends at the most protruding points, and must be equal to 2, 5 centimeters up and down. if you decide to tuck blouse under her skirt, its length should be up to the hips. Through the waist allowances should be 5 cm at the sides, so you can move freely.

straight cut skirt should not sink down under the buttocks. It should fall under the straight line. The skirt should be very easy to turn around your body, and in the zone, you must have free space, there to put two of your fingers. Pockets should not be opened at a time when you zip up her skirt and while walking. The skirt should not be lifted up in the moment when you decide to sit down. A panty circuit in any case should not be allocated on the surface of the skirt. The shoulder jacket should be acquired over your shoulder at 2, 5 cm. Buttoned-down, it should not bother you move, even if underneath you wearing a sweater or blouse. Waist line allowance should be 4 centimeters free encirclement. The length of the jacket should be less than 1 centimeter, than the length blouse. The sleeve width allowance must be 1 centimeter under it while wearing the sweater or blouse. Pockets should be very tightly around the jacket fabric, as well as folds and tucks placed flat.

Pants should not to wince under the buttocks. Pockets during your walk should not puff up and open. Allowance on the thighs should be from 2, 5 to 4 cm. The width of the pants, running along the waist line should be such that you could lay for about 2 times their finger. Contour your underwear should not be visible on the surface of the pants.

If you'll follow all the above rules, you can be sure that you look for 100 percent.

If you feel your appearance and comply with dress code for the harmonization of their way, you can be sure that you look elegant and perfect, and can conquer any man.