How to visually lengthen legs?

The famous poet Robert Rozhdestvensky wrote about the woman in the poem "A beautiful woman."

Beautiful woman - it is a profession.

And if it has not yet been built, it condemned and each version has its unconditional supporters.

Let plenty of leaf novels past, let raving ugly a visiting princes.

And in a rare profession fabulous women have the skills, secrets, and strict principles.

For every woman is fundamentally not only have practical clothing, but also a modern, conforming to the rules of good taste.

You may ask, why do thousands of women do not dress as they deserve? There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

In most cases, women are simply not taught to pick up his wardrobe, which would hide figure flaws and highlighted its merits.

Many members of the fairer sex are dissatisfied with their shape and have any hope left something to correct. But as they say "ugly women do not exist ..." and a little effort and you will be irresistible, even if you have short stature, or maybe plump figure or may not be too smooth legs.

How to visually lengthen legs?

Strongly contraindicated crushing clothing, colored horizontal stripes, fabrics made in volumetric embodiment. However, the monotony of the wardrobe or on a vertical strip visually lengthen your legs and elongated shape. Classic models of trousers, dark tones, the right length, in the same tone matched her shoes and socks (preferably nylon), will look good, like pants with a small extension to the bottom and wide in shape. It is worth noting that the very widespread today and breeches capris, though comfortable to wear, make shorter legs and complete.

I often see women in jeans or trousers with a rather beautiful, shiny appliqués, embroideries, but if you want the legs appear longer, better is not to wear. Why? This figure makes the clothes heavy, earthy, and need easy, harmony.

How to visually lengthen legs?

As for the skirts, the selection is better to stop on the skirts of medium and high landing and length, with slits on the sides that will visually lengthen the leg, while the low landing skirts should be avoided.

High boots classic style, solid color, beautiful shoes the color of tights will help you to wear short skirts.

Modern classic dress has a good fit, without seams and belt at the waist, it will meet your expectations.

Dress for the occasion requires a special approach and design solutions, and are often supplemented with side slits. It should be understood that any split in the clothing is not acceptable, as shorten the figure, but, for example, flesh-colored tights and shoes to match them, you will make a perfect gift.

How to visually lengthen legs?

The art of wearing shoes with stiletto heels and a height of more than 12 cm, you need to learn. Because, not knowing how to walk nicely, without being able to properly present themselves in such shoes, you lose, though heels just created for a good purpose elongated figures and legs.

We must remember that if the leg is complete in the calves, it is better to give up pins.

So beloved, the modern ladies boots of different style, look great with skinny pants.

Any boots are appropriate with skirts below the knee, but the jackboots better not to wear, they make your figure short.

Using these simple techniques, ladies, you will always win, since it is well-chosen clothes bring only pleasure.