Street style - urban fashion

Internet spread rapidly, and it is possible to street style clothes, which was previously to be found only in large cities, it began to spread on the pages of many bloggers who follow the fashion. These people spread their photos on the Internet in different ways, and these contribute to attracting and photographers and people who love to imitate and begin to dress in the same style. What is the secret of the popularity of this style? Of course, the huge role played by the brightness, breaking all the fashion trends and principles.

As a rule, in a certain season, designers recommend to combine certain colors and buy certain things. As for street fashion, it is all a little different. Do not think that this style goes against all trend-setting. Its peculiarity is that it emphasizes the individuality of the person, and resorting to new trends.

Street style - urban fashion

Some people find this a source of fashion inspiration, they absorb from it new ideas for personal wardrobe. Bright personalities who meet on the street attract the attention of contemporary photographers. This style of interest the non-conformism, as well as the individuality of each person. It can cause the admiration of some and panic among the others.

The formation of street style

He appeared in the mid-20th century, when it's time to start experiments on images. In fashion at the time was a new offensive. In the sixties in America editor Bill Cunningham concluded that it is possible to shoot at the camera people who have unusual wear on the street.

Gradually, the fashion had more variety and originality. People wanted to dress pooriginalnee and be sure to capture it on film. Young people wanted to be different from each other, developing their own individuality.

What caused such a rapid spread of street fashion? It's pretty simple. Clothes that show every season on the podium is not available for a large mass of people, and street clothes can afford everything. Some have tried to copy something of a new trend, but everything else was the fruit of his own imagination.

Street style - urban fashion

What is the style of

It is believed that the image of the streets - it is a direct source of inspiration. Yet it is one of the ways to look at contemporary fashion is not through the screen and into the living.

Of course, this style has its own characteristics with respect to the season. He will not be repeated in different countries. Let's say, in France it is more romantic and is close to the classic. French just crazy about hats, scarves, jackets, coats, which are combined with short dresses or leggings.

In America, this style is more common in New York. He did not deny his coat and heels, but still looks much tougher. This is due to a variety of things from leather, metal rivets. More striking is the style in London. It's just a carnival of absolutely to be combined with each other things, textures, colors. It causes a shock to many.

We should also remember that the street style - is not only the style, but also lifestyle, fashion philosophy that arose in conjunction with several youth subcultures. It can be concluded that the street style any city combines the features of subcultures.

Such well-known people like Lourdes Leon (Madonna's daughter), Agyness Deyn, Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung, Katy Perry, too, adhere to such a mode.

Street style - urban fashion

The fashion for the modern streets of

Street fashion is subject to large variations. Even a few years ago it was quite different.

Now ladies show a more personal approach to fashion, they are carefully looking at a combination of clothing and accessories. Here there are some rules on what to wear and what - it all depends on the personality of each.

Street style - urban fashion

expression Style

Not much interested in the opinion of others. For them it is much more important to feel comfortable and harmonious. They do not try to maintain the trend, but still pay attention to the modern trends.

We can say that this style is peculiar to more creative people.

The following photo gallery you will see street style:

Street style - urban fashion Street style - urban fashion Street style - urban fashion Street style - urban fashion Street style - urban fashion Street style - urban fashion Street style - urban fashion Street style - urban fashion