To increase or decrease the breast by means of clothes

To increase or decrease the breast by means of clothes

You have tried all the possible diets and exhausting exercise, but do not back down pesky kilos? And in this case, there is a simple solution. You must adjust your body with a small optical illusion. Become a slimmer, visually reduce or enlarge the breasts will surely drawn wardrobe.

Increase the chest

Remember, small breasts - not a cause for complexes! It is only necessary to stress its lines and give attractive form.

To the stronger sex your breasts will look more expressive by means of:

  • bra push-up (lifts the breasts)
  • blouses or sweaters with V-notch
  • bright accessories, flashy brooches or pendants, applications on top of clothes
  • truncated and slim line models jackets

If you wear a skirt or trousers dark color, the outer clothing should be light. The upper part of the set will be selected from the embossed velvet or other material.

Reduce the chest

Large breasts, the dream of many of the fair sex. Why did it visually reduce? In real life, especially in the selection of clothing, it is not always convenient and practical. But out there in this case.

Visually reduce the breast is possible if:

  • to wear clothing with covered shoulders and dark shades (brown, black, dark blue)
  • to wear clothes with a high and tight cups
  • to prefer clothes with vertical patterns and lines

A large bust can be visually reduced by a skirt or trousers. Wear pants raskloshennye slightly at the bottom and the skirt of the same silhouette. This way you can balance the figure. Also flashy scarves or scarves, decorated at the ends, are able to divert attention from a large chest.