Vintage style clothing

In this article we will discuss Fashion vintage style. The very concept of vintage is derived from the words of the French vintage, which has a value of quality crop. Originally the term was applied only to the definition of high-quality wines. But in modern times the word vintage has more relevance to a specific direction in fashion and household items value. With his help, we do not forget about fashion trends in the past tense.

Simply put, vintage style is created with the help of wardrobe items and life previously lived generations. Most vintage items are those whose age does not exceed fifty years and not less than twenty years. It may be telephones, furniture, irons and many other items.

Vintage style clothing

But you should know that these are considered vintage items that were popular at that time it was, and not just the old stuff. In this article we will not dwell on everyday objects, and consider the vintage wardrobe items. To choose the one or the other vintage thing you need to know the entire history of the fashion of the era, and feel fine style. Their appearance should show that you belong to the exact age.

In the twentieth century there were several generations that can be considered vintage.


It was in those years, women fought hard for it to get equal rights with men. They are fully inherited the men around, cut their hair short, started gambling, learned to drive a car, and some even began to smoke in public places. Therefore, this time the impetus for the development of a unisex style. Women began to wear trousers and men's shirts, some wore on his head a hat and tie a tie.

Vintage style clothing

Naturally dresses entirely has not been canceled, but just as it has become fashionable to make huge cuts back, do not sew sleeves, do the uneven hem. By the way in the modern times again entered the fashion style "heroin chic", which is characterized by the fact that the dress emphasizes the very thin figure and awkwardness.

At that time, in addition to men's clothing women became bright enough to use makeup. Lips mostly painted lipstick red or cherry red, and his eyes were painted black or, in extreme cases, gray shadows. Therefore, to create an image of the twenties of the last century, it should be of silk stockings, straight dress with a cut on the back and the shoes on heels. And if the shoes will be more and buckle, it will be a complete coincidence.

Vintage style clothing


At this time the designers have created a jacket that had square shoulders. Now this model include fashionable again. But the most spectacular discovery of that time was the discovery of pink color in garments. At that time such a discovery just plunged all in shock. But the pink color is very well settled down and began to produce not only the color of the lipstick, but also dry goods, clothing and even shoes. In the fashion of the time entered by short dresses, 3/4 length sleeves become. Diverse print on clothing, down to newspaper articles or pictures from rentgenkabinetom.

Vintage style clothing


The forties

Many women copied the styles of their favorite actresses. But, then, the same time the fashion began to change dramatically. Length Skirts became much more, it has become fashionable to wear curvy dress or skirt. on clothing sleeves have become kind of a flashlight, the colors of clothes have become small patterns. Hats have become much smaller, and then completely overshadowed, as was preferred handkerchiefs as hats. It was at that time were invented high heels. A clothing style has changed a lot. Top clothes become more stringent, and the bottom has undergone a change in the direction of increasing volume.

The fifties

During these years, all the clothes hit the elegance. Beautiful figure became profitable to emphasize and make-up has not lost its brightness. But, then, the same time to replace the dark shadows came the green, and the color of the lipstick became orange. The arrows on the eyes painted in blue and purple tinted eyelashes mascara. Those years were characterized by the fact that his eyes were painted by the color of clothing or handbag, and no one wanted to know whether this color to a woman's face fits.

Vintage style clothing

The distinctive features of this time became stockings with a seam, long dresses with bulk skirt and shoes with high heels. It became very fashionable combination of gray and pink. Cage has also become fashionable in the fifties. Popularity bought jewelry and bright colors of plastic.

The Sixties

very short mini skirt has been created in these years. They were short dresses and coats and other outerwear. In order not to freeze completely, women wore short things with pantyhose, tied tracery of warm strings. But the heels put on the backburner, and basically the entire shoe has no heel. Therefore, if desired, correspond to the style of this time should purchase boots, stockings, that have high shaft. Platform shoes and suede as the main representatives of that time. Makeup all also remained bright, and to increase the volume of eyelashes began to use false eyelashes.

The seventies

These years were the most diverse in the number of styles in clothing. So basically, vintage lovers follow the fashion of the seventies. Some influence was exerted on the course of the hippie styles of the Americas. In the fashion came in denim and leather, very long skirt with a pattern of big flowers. But the main fashion trend began naturally jeans.

Vintage style clothing

In the seventies, mainly drawn the attention not on the beauty of the clothes, and usability. Therefore, the style of clothing became more like a sporty look. Another breakthrough in the fashion became a disco. Tight leggings, sheer blouse, skinny jeans have come to us from those times. Therefore, to comply with this style, it should be in the wardrobe of flared trousers, short skirts, shorts with a high waist and things like that. A coloring they must have large flowers.

The Eighties

Those years were different sexuality. In a fashion mini dresses were overlying style. Shoulders on jackets and outerwear were increased by using shoulder pads. It became fashionable to wear a massive chain of gold around his neck and hands. All shoes should be only on very high heels. Bright makeup and hairstyle on a mandatory basis should be high.

If, however, it was decided to use vintage clothing, you should carefully choose the appropriate size. After all, things are very old, and therefore quite fragile. Therefore, if properly choose the size, it can spoil the thing completely. It should also be remembered that the years distinguished by the fact that they were their measurements and dimensions in each of the eras. Often the clothes were made only on order.

Vintage style clothing

Now, there are two types of vintage things. Original vintage - a real old things known manufacturers. Stylized vintage is a modern things, created under a certain era of life. Vintage combo - the use of modern materials along with materials and old. If you choose to use in clothing vintage style, it will be different from other people's uniqueness. Clothes in vintage style can be found in chests grandmothers and mothers. Also recently opened a lot of stores selling such garments with affordable prices. Well, if you know how to sew, you can create your own clothes in vintage style will not make the slightest difficulty.

Go for it, and you will succeed.