Business clothes for women: what clothes to wear at work?

Office clothes implies compliance with certain rules that allow to achieve the image of the business and professional staff. Errors in choosing clothes for the office can not only have a negative impact on the external image, but also significantly affect the career growth.

The main purpose of office clothes - creating an image of a competent and responsible professional. Clothing should not and in no way to emphasize the training and experience of the employee.

Business clothes for women: what clothes to wear at work?

The color and length of the clothes, the style can be folded a certain impression about the employee. Therefore, office style - is, above all, strong and sustained way, and not a fashionable and attractive clothing.

The following tips will help you look perfect, adhering to the business style.

Office style involves the use of certain colors. Black - the classic version of office clothes, used by millions of office workers worldwide. It is also recommended to wear a gray, expressing conservative; dark blue, symbolizing the responsibility and reliability; Red - the color of vitality and activity.

Shoes and suits these colors can blend in with the purple, pale pink, pale blue and ivory. Bright colors and eye-catching prints are able to evaluate all around. Although for some people such details - an integral part of the business style.

When choosing jewelry, prefer neat stud earrings and a single bracelet. The length of the earrings and bracelets set of distracting, irritating its sound.

Business clothes for women: what clothes to wear at work?

Bags-Bags - not an option for the office. They give the image of carelessness and looseness. Prefer bags, to maintain its shape.

Choosing clothes for the office, do not forget about such important details as the perfect manicure, seasoned in the strict style of hair, clean shoes.

Each item of clothing should perfectly fit the shape of your body. Pants should sit tight enough for you, but not so that the outlines of underwear stood out through the fabric. Skirts should allow you to sit, without restricting movement. Jackets should always be fastened. If you want to put on a thing from famous designers to select a garment that is not framed a large company logo or brand.

Choosing office style, it is very difficult to come to the final result. After all, there is no dress code in each company, which allows you to build on certain rules.

Business clothes for women: what clothes to wear at work?

However, if you want to create your business image, look at the boss or other high-ranking official. They prefer clothes: skirts or pantsuits? whether they are suitable for tights or open shoes in the summer?

If your company senior positions are occupied by men, proceed from their image. If all men are daily wear business suits and ties, and you will choose for your image suits. In some companies, welcomed the maintenance of employee style according to customers' style. So, for lawyers encouraged business suit with a skirt. An employee of the IT-companies are allowed to wear jeans. Mistakes in Choosing a casual style can only affect the personal perception. Misses the same style in the office are able to offset the decline in your career.

On what is necessary to refuse to work?

Reserved for meetings and other occasions, and transparent lace dress, sandals, high heels, mini skirts, tops with spaghetti straps, deep neckline. T-shirts, jeans, shoes, hats, wear tunics only in everyday life. Avoid dented things baggy and multilayer fashion.

The following types of dress code:

The formal business clothes

. This type of dress code means wearing business suits, consisting of a jacket and skirt of the same material, as well as a pantsuit. Shoes should be closed. Be sure to wear tights. Hairstyle should be neat, strict. Minimum of jewelry and natural, does not cause makeup.

Business casual

- kind of dress code, implying lax business style. Different companies understand this style under their concept. For some, this style - a reason for wearing jeans, sundresses and other casual wear. However, a more reasonable choice is blouses, trousers, tops and skirts made of knitted material.


Free Friday

". Camo name of the species of the dress code says that on Friday, the employee is allowed to wear loose clothing form.