Can I wear shorts with tights

One of the most debated topics on the women's forum with respect to such item of women's wardrobe as shorts and tights: Is it possible to wear them together. In this case, the opinions were divided: some believe this combination of tasteless, someone, on the contrary, the ultra-trendy and chic. Modern fashion was on the side of the second embodiment.

The screenings of the most popular designers continually shows this combination in different variations. Hollywood stars of the same opinion - beauty out regularly published in shorts, wearing tights over. However, it should be very careful, planned to appear in a dress, should adhere to certain rules, which we will tell you now.

Can I wear shorts with tights

I'm sure you have more than once raised the question, what to wear shorts with tights in the winter, spring and autumn? Shorts has ceased to be the subject of exclusive summer wardrobe. There are shorts of sufficiently dense fabrics such as tweed, velvet, corduroy, which can be worn in cold weather. Naturally, in the bitter cold you should not wear shorts, but in the autumn-winter blend shorts with tights looks quite relevant and appropriate.

Warm shorts are perfectly combined with thick black tights or leggings. Very stylish you will look like if such a set supplement turtleneck and fur or leather jacket or a long knitted sweater, cardigan or jacket. Shoes may be quite different - Ankle fur outwardly high boots, fur boots and even boots. Shoes can be either high heels or without him. Outerwear spring and autumn can be a short jacket or coat. Winter is a very brief look good coat or sheepskin coat.

Can I wear shorts with tights

In the winter you do not freeze to death, having in the locker room tight shorts to his knees, even if the window is a light frost. Many young girls, despite the time of year, love to flaunt in tiny mini-skirts, so that these shorts will definitely warmer. Tasteful elements wardrobe will go well with shorts and tights, and you will look stylish and relevant.

This season is very relevant knitted shorts. There are many options for knitting, out of which the most suitable for you, you can create your own unique image. In addition, these shorts, if you wish, you can tie your own hands.

Shorts with tights - is a variant of street style. You can feel free to experiment with colors, do not necessarily follow the classic combination of shorts with black tights. We recommend to try different colors - burgundy, gray, brown, blue or even white. You can also pay attention to the colored tights, you can even with patterns. Of course, this is a very bold combination, but not being a notorious young girl, you will be able to afford such an extravagant set.

Can I wear shorts with tights

For street style well suited denim shorts, dress over tights - black, fishnet or color.

However, those who want to make a set of business style element, you need to be careful, the main thing is not to overdo it. A good and elegant set in this case will shorts costume fabric length slightly above the knee, and they can be put under the black pantyhose without pattern. Shirt and jacket good complement this set. Let's face it, in which case you should not wear shorts with tights. Such combinations can afford a girl is not with any figure. Well, they will look at the owner of a beautiful, slender, straight legs, but not skinny. So girls suit shorts of any length. Those who have complete or very flat feet, be sure to wear short shorts with high heels and the girls with skinny legs, you need to give preference to shorts just above or below the hip. Very tight shorts they are also contraindicated.

Can I wear shorts with tights

By experimenting with different kinds of shorts and tights, remember the following rules:

- summer shorts made of thin fabrics can not be worn with tights;

- shorts combined with a flesh-colored tights;

- tights density depends on the shorts: denim shorts go well with tights density 20 den, winter made of dense tissue is well complement tights 40-60 den.

Thus, shorts with tights are very stylish and fashionable kit. Options combining it with other things, there are many. Do not be afraid to experiment, try on different options, and you will undoubtedly pick up a kit that will emphasize your individuality, dignity is your figure and hide all the flaws.

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