Christmas outfits and dress ornament

If you just have not thought about choosing for yourself of New Year's dress, you should not rush headlong to buy all the same that would be only new thing. Such haste in the end will not bring pleasure, and it is likely that all fails buying.

First of all, do not panic, and carefully inspect own wardrobe. Take out of the closet all his belongings and place them in such a way that you can try to combine them together, with the way you've never thought of doing. And it is likely that you will be able to create a completely new and unique ensemble. And if there is nothing you not come to mind, try to remember that it is now considered to be very relevant colors.

And it's not just about floral prints, but also of floral lace and embroidery, as well as flowers made of fabric made with their own hands. This can be a large rose or peony and original fantasy flower. At least it will look great and a small bouquet of lilies of the valley and violets, which will be a wonderful addition to any outfit and dress, let them not even be new.

Therefore we advise you to look to your own wardrobe, and you will definitely be able to find it in this outfit, which will emphasize the beauty of your own eye, and focus on the beautiful surrounding breast or legs, neck or waist. This outfit will look more original than after decorating it with flowers.

Christmas outfits and dress ornament

Bow as decoration

In the 60s of the last century, a world-renowned fashion idol was Jacqueline Kennedy, who prefer to decorate their evening dresses with just a bow, which she fixed on the waist or shoulder. It bows and flowers - the first thing that comes to mind to decorate your own outfit, if necessary.

Christmas outfits and dress ornament

If your age - young enough, then as the poet said, the morning rose can decorate and mildew. you well chosen finish will absolutely transform any, even the most ordinary-looking dress. Surely when reviewing your own wardrobe you will find a dress or slim-fitting cardigan with a cut that will be decorate with beads or sequins on the edge of the neckline and sew him finish a feather or a thin strip of fur.

By the way, the smooth plain pants also can be decorate using sequins to match the bottom edge or side seams. In the event that you will find in the wardrobe of a blouse or a dress with large floral print, the middle of these colors can decorate beads, glass beads or sequins, and your dress will shine completely new colors.

Christmas outfits and dress ornament

In the case if you know how to sew on their own, it is very good. After all, you probably have a bunch of proven ready-made patterns. At the same time there is no need to choose overly complex cut. You become nervous and rush, so you can easily make a mistake and ruin the fabric, so - and mood. Try to choose a simple cut of the original, but at the same time, the choice of fabric stop for dear mother. Very good for such activities suitable fabric to steel silver shades, as well as Metallic.

Christmas dresses and furs

In that case, if your New Year's outfit has no sleeves, it can be very impressive to decorate using lace cape or fur stole, also ideal and fashionable scarf.

Christmas outfits and dress ornament

A variety of fur allows a woman to be admired and surprise his own original way. Some of the accessories, such as capes, stoles, lace handkerchiefs and fans have their own language allowing to express your emotions and feelings, as well as with their help, you can pretty well express their own desires. Everyone understands that at half-mast on the shoulders of some of the Cape says the lure of the person, at the same time as the same cape, but tightly smell, discourage any desire to talk with this woman.

If you choose a luxurious stole mink, it is among other things to emphasize your excellent taste and style. Also you will be able to fur when necessary and warm. And if you are a shy and timid girl, then thrown over the shoulders tippet will always help you to take your own hands.

Christmas outfits and dress ornament

Use a combination of evening dresses and fur products, also do not forget about jewelry. Again, you can turn on the full his own imagination. If you suddenly want to achieve similarity with the Snow Queen, and at the same time pay attention to the surrounding beauty of your own eye, decorations will be most welcome. Again, to understand that they will have to harmoniously complement the image you created, and therefore do not wear too much jewelery at the same time.

It is better to stop your choice on something one, but - a stunning, it will not obscure your image and personality of the beauty and luster of luxury. Also, it is worth remembering and that your good mood and a smile are the best decoration, and the coming New Year's holiday opens up scope for experimentation and imagination.