What to wear to the wedding?

Wedding invitation - this is the most pleasant event. All at once we think about the upcoming fun, meeting with friends and family festivities and other pleasant things of this event. One in connection with the celebration question arises at once - "What to wear to a wedding?"

Be particularly careful in choosing her wedding dress a girl for a long time. Of course, everyone wants to be at the wedding the most beautiful, to be dressed in the latest fashion, but it does not have to outshine the bride.

What to wear to the wedding?

It's easy to pick an outfit for a themed wedding. Everyone knows that, for example, the celebration will take place in the style of the 1950s. Consequently, the need to purchase the dress length below the knee with a fluffy skirt and broad bright band in the hair.

What to wear to the wedding?

If the celebration will take place in a traditional style, without any frills, it is necessary to consider some rules before choosing a dress for the wedding:

- No need to buy a dress in black or white. Both options can spoil the mood of the bride

- do not wear revealing outfits, especially if it is held a wedding ceremony in the church

- Shoes should be comfortable, so that you have the opportunity to participate in contests and dances.

What to wear to the wedding?

The best option for a wedding cocktail dress. If the invitation does not say that you need to come in evening dress, the cocktail dress will be the most practical and beautiful clothes, not only for ordinary guests, but also for the witness. The collections of the largest foreign trade networks, in most cases, there is a dress designed bridesmaid and guests of the ceremony. Particularly popular dress brands such as: Calvin Klein, Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang.

What to wear to the wedding? What to wear to the wedding? What to wear to the wedding?

You also need to say that it is best

to put a man on the wedding


Black suit with white shirt and tuxedo white shade is best left to the groom. For the ceremony, which will take place in the traditional manner, you need to buy suits of gray, blue, beige.

What to wear to the wedding? What to wear to the wedding?

It is possible to easily select a free style clothing, but it is best to talk in advance if the holiday will not be too official. Extravagant clothes will look best at a wedding held in a certain style.

If you follow these tips, you can easily choose a beautiful and appropriate attire, which will allocate you out of the crowd at such an important ceremonial event, like a wedding.