How to become a stylish girl

Everyone knows that the beauty of the girl depends not only on the quality, given to it by nature, but also on the ability to look stylish. Immediately the question arises what does style like this - to look stylish, how to avoid becoming a laughing stock pretentious? Are there any specific recommendations? Let's look at this series.

How to become a stylish girl

For the beginning we describe the most common mistakes. The first thing to remember is that not all that is offered fashion designer fits all. Always need to soberly assess their physical data, and, if so you are not awarded a sky model figure, then do not try to cram themselves in neveroyatno- designer clothes.

Many women do not know how to hide their shortcomings, and when Madame paunchy flaunt in jeans with a low waist, it is, at least, it looks funny. In addition, you need to remember about the mini-skirt dress code is not suitable for business meetings, as well as incompatible heels and a trip to the barbecue in the woods. It is equally important to see the image as a whole, rather than individual details- you can be beautiful things that do not fit together.

The color scheme is no less important. Standard white, black goes around, but that does not mean you have to be limited to clichés. Combine, experiment, be creative. Remember that with the help of simple color combinations can be beneficial to emphasize your strengths. Gentle colors will help to emphasize the freshness yarkie- show personality. If you looks cute student, you need to be very careful to use bright colors, and certainly you do not fit the style vamp. And if they call you the queen of the snow, you'll look ridiculous in a peach-colored! Most women have figure flaws. They are fairly easy to hide properly selected clothing. When shopping, try to create komplekty- to fit blouse and jeans, and skirts, and, for example, a jacket was universal. So you can always create a new image without the expense.

Of course, no woman is complete without accessories. You have beautiful hands? Watches and bracelets will help to emphasize the slender wrist. Thin waist? Stylish strap makes it even more sophisticated. The main thing is not to overdo it, do not you become like a Christmas tree. Makeup is not less important, as long as it is clearly consistent with your image.

And, in conclusion, it is worth recalling clean. Groomed hands, nails will look sad even in diamonds and unpolished shoes instantly tarnish your image.