How not to dress

Often we assume a very serious mistakes, choosing a favorite clothing, shoes and accessories. What seems elegant, beautiful, modern and just gorgeous, it may be very far from the fashion trends and conventional concepts. And in some cases, generally indicates the absence of a man of taste and style.

Every carefully chosen wardrobe can easily spoil the wrong combinations of colors and fabric garments. The same discord can cause wrongly selected tights or shoes. Consider the most typical mistakes that allow women to dress as never.

How not to dress

1. Black color.

Somehow, it is believed that it is necessarily appropriate to all and with everything always goes. This is only partly true, as black strongly combined with brown and walnut and ivory. In addition, the black color has many shades, which are also difficult to reconcile with each other. Blouse deep black and black skirt with a slight grayish tint is unlikely to decorate his mistress. Therefore, when selecting a black look for shades.

2. The choice of tights.

Some women believe that they are versatile and suited to any dress or skirt, and some even manage to ignore the particular shape of their feet. For example, do not wear patterned tights ladies with full or short legs. But for slender and long-legged, they fit perfectly. Especially well they decorate you when matched in tone shoes. Mini dress and plain transparent tights - a great combination. By the way, this lady, and in the summer never go to work without a transparent thin flesh-colored tights. 3. There are too bright and flashy outfits.

Lover dress up in all the brightest sometimes lose their sense of proportion. As a result, they look like clowns at the masquerade. By the manifestation of bad taste and should include a complete lack of taste in some women that can fasten the whole bunch of expensive clothes and accessories, but look vulgar and ridiculous. No wonder follower bright style Frenchman Jean Paul Gaultier has repeatedly noted the special love of our compatriots to its most provocative clothes models.

How not to dress

4. One style for clothes and shoes.

It is impossible to combine the clothes and shoes of different styles. So tracksuit and heels can be forgiven passenger of long-distance trains, but in other cases it is said about her lack of a good education. Wear gym clothes only with sports shoes as well with dresses, skirts and trousers classic model only wear shoes.

5. Take a look at ourselves.

Before going out to vote their appearance in the mirror. It is better to twist in front of him a few minutes and change something more suitable. Then you do not have to catch yourself surprised and condemning the views of others or smile. Ask your sister, girlfriend or mother to give useful advice. This will definitely help to look more stylish and attractive.