Clothes for overweight women

Fashion industry is developing rapidly, the market, including domestic, a lot of clothes from top designers like, and not very much. Variety is amazing and each of the fair sex, regardless of height, weight and complexion can pick up a lot of sets of beautiful clothes. After all, there is nothing that does not paint the fair sex, as a fashionable and beautiful clothes, beneficial emphasizes the dignity of its owner.

Some difficulty in choosing clothes still experiencing girls - holders of lush, rounded forms of. After all, it is necessary not only to pick up a beautiful dress, but also the style that will correct figure flaws, accentuate her dignity, creating an image of a slim person. To be able to create such subtle light and present shtrishki dignity of the figure - is an art that must be grasped of each representative of the fair sex.

Clothes for overweight women

The art of creating a wardrobe for women with curvaceous

You must comprehend the art themselves with the basics - the basics when choosing clothes. Despite the figure, figure, height woman should understand that buying clothes should first be guided by the fact that all the created image should be in harmony with the appearance, character, style, and even mood. The main rule - is to create a harmony to every detail not only combined with other items of clothing, but also stressed it is the mood that you want to express, dressed that way. And do not start from the price tag or brand you wearing clothes. After all, you can dress and diamonds, which do not look to the overall ensemble. Not necessarily to attend counseling stylist to master, the art of beautifully dressed. You need to learn a few rules and you will become the best stylist for yourself.

Clothes for overweight women

First of all, every woman should understand what her body type. Knowing your body type is not difficult to learn, and the rules for choosing your wardrobe.

shape type "pear-shaped"

The name of this body type was because of the similarity with pear. Do owners of this type of figure the upper part slightly elongated, sloping shoulders and wide hips. Breast size is usually small, and the waistline is expressed clearly. Women of facial features should be selected clothing conceals wide hips. Very suitable semiadherent clothes.

Perfect fit and flared skirts look trapezoidal shape just below the knee. The main thing you need to pay attention to the fact that the skirt should be either kroena on the bias, or entirely of crosslinked wedges. It is this cut skirt visually reduces the hips and creates a more slender look. Coloring should choose dark colors.

Tight skirts, of course you can wear. But it should be borne in mind that conceals the function will carry over. Therefore, you should wear a skirt with a long tunic, elongated jackets or cardigans. But it is worth to approach such a purchase with particular caution and care.

Clothes for overweight women

Pants should buy the classic style with a straight cut. It is the best option - it is, of course, classic trouser suit. But at the same costume jacket itself should be extended, according to the adjacent figure and emphasizing waist. Wide jackets wear is not recommended, because they hide the waist and adds visual excess kilograms. Short same jackets, open wide hips. Thus it is necessary to correctly choose and colors suit. It is best to opt for gray, black and dark blue colors.

By purchasing jeans, it should also give their preference for dark colors. Wear jeans should also be extended to the adjacent top or tunic. wherein the length of the top should not be longer than the mid-thigh. outwear color should contrast with the bottom, that is to be light pastel colors calm.

By purchasing a dress, pay special attention to the neckline. Because the emphasis should be on the top, detracting from the hips. Here, a huge number of variants of the round, wedge-shaped Neckline dresses with straps or on one shoulder.

figure type "apple"

As is probably already clear from the title its name this type of figures received from the name of the fruit "apple". And all because, by analogy with the apple waist, hips and chest are almost the same volume without visible smooth transitions. Usually, this phenomenon is not always a purely "natural", and the type of shape becomes such shape, when a girl or woman is really inclined to corpulence.

Owners of figures like Apple need to expertly set accents or emphasize the shapely legs, or focus on the level of the neckline. In addition, you must comply with many more nuances to visually look taller and slimmer. Perfectly help handle things in a vertical shelf. Very well with this type of shapes suitable clothes with high waistline. Accessories should be chosen very carefully, because the wrong choice of beads or pendants can spoil the whole harmonious way. Baggy clothes to wear absolutely contraindicated.

Do not wear tight or mini-skirts with a low waistline. It is recommended to stop the choice on the sheath dress with wedge-shaped neckline, sleeveless and a high waist. Blouses and various tops you must choose those that accentuate the chest line.

shape type "rectangle"

When the breast line, waist and hips are level, at times especially in a bit fat girls the impression of a certain rectangle. Pattern is simple, better than the girl, the more it resembles the shape of a rectangle similarity. Because the extra weight hides the transition from the chest to the waist and hips, it seems that between the parts of the body there is no visible difference.

Tops, blouses recommended to wear form-fitting and not below the waist level. In this case, the main focus should be on the face, hands and neck line. It is the best fit or wedge-shaped cut-out drapes.

It is best to select the flared skirts, skirt trapezoid skirt-sun or a pencil skirt. In addition to consider that the line of waist skirts should not be underestimated. At the same time perfectly combine these skirts with a short jacket, a jacket on one button. This will create a great visual transition from the chest to the contours outlined waistline.

shape type "hourglass"

This type of figure is considered to be very beautiful, but also in this type of figure you must be careful when choosing clothes, so that the silhouette was harmonious. The main thing is not to overload the image of the set pieces and accents, you can simply to emphasize the waist. In addition, it is possible to observe the same rules as for the type of "pear" shape. We should not focus on hip and neck. should not wear blouses or tops with plunging neckline. Patch pockets on the trousers, coats and jackets should be avoided.

By following these simple rules, you can easily achieve the desired result and will always adorable.