Become a fashionable, glamorous and stylish

Become a fashionable, glamorous and stylish

Nowadays, fashion is not persistent, it is very changeable and demanding, like a capricious woman fashion requires attention and self-sacrifice. Creating a fashionable image, keep in mind that we should not blindly follow the trend of modern fashion, this behavior may lead to a loss of identity.

Most of the girls in the pursuit of glamor forget that this word means much more than the fancy stuff with a new collection of the famous fashion designer, glamor - it's elegance and charm, betraying your image recognition and highlighting own style. Corporate identity, will your business card, in which you will learn and memorize.

Clothing is often characterized by a person, and in our society are met primarily by their clothes. To realize their individuality, you will certainly feel comfortable.

Feeling matriarch of the Amazons, try the leather and fur, which will give the image of a wild cat's belligerence, let women envy you, and men tremble and bow. If nature has given you a sharp mind and resolute character, the metal jewelry, silver and gold will be able to distinguish you from the crowd and emphasize the special dedication.

Try not to "go too far" with shiny and bright accessories, they should emphasize your status, not to destroy. Do not forget everything should look perfect for a glamorous war there is no detail, every mistake can be very costly.

Remember that every piece of your wardrobe should be chosen correctly. You can not, for example, to dress stylish fashionable dress from expensive salon with cheap shoes from the market. Puny will also be combined grandmother retired high-heeled shoes in pink leather miniskirt. Just visiting fashionable boutiques and experimenting, you will achieve a positive result and create a unique image of the queen of men's hearts.