How to hide the extra weight

Look more slim and hide a few extra kilos is not difficult, the main thing to know how to choose clothes. And it is not a shapeless robes that make women unattractive.

How to hide the extra weight

10 rules for creating a slender silhouette

1. The base color of the wardrobe of clothes must be dark palette. These colors like black, charcoal gray and navy, as well as possible conceal excess weight.

2. You must wear a compression - slimming underwear, such as body, stockings and underwear.

3. Emphasize the dignity of the silhouette. Owners of slender legs should not hide them under long skirts and dresses.

4. Do not choose clothes from fabrics, tight to the body, as well as dense or hard materials.

5. Keep the focus on your face, using a variety of accessories, such as hats, scarves, earrings and so on. D.

6. Eliminate from the wardrobe of tight, close-fitting or tight clothing.

7. Accessory ranging from jewelery and bags must be chosen proportionally to FIG. 8. To create a beautiful silhouette under knits should wear shoulder pads.

9. It is necessary to give preference to clothes strictly uncomplicated cuts, not overloaded elements.

10. Create sets with bright pronounced vertical, because the vertical visually slim silhouette and pulls.

How to hide the extra weight

And a few important tips.

1. Do not purchase items with bright print. The main thing to remember is the fact that the figure should be proportionate figure. Avoid drawings scattered tissue and give preference to the clothes patterns, which are intertwined or in contact with each other.

2. Wearing an evening dress, do not forget the cape, shawl or bolero jacket, that you can throw on a sleeveless dress to hide your hands full.

3. Forget about loose and tight clothes. Clothing should emphasize the dignity of the figure, makes women more feminine.