Secrets perfectly matched dresses

It is thanks to the dress emphasizes the feminine, and in this article we will discuss the most common flaws that women want to hide this article of clothing, as well as point out those models of dresses that will help solve these problems.

Start of course, is with the probably problematic for many women of their body, namely - the hips. If you think your thighs are too heavy, you can try to use to achieve the balance of the dress from any aerial fabric, such as silk. The ideal would be such a model, which will not adhere to the hips, and divert attention away from the lower part of the body it will be possible with the help of a beautiful neckline. The most suitable colorings such dresses will be not too bright colors and colorful ornaments.

Secrets perfectly matched dresses

Laxity hands very effectively can be hidden due to the length dress with cuffs to the elbow or slightly higher. However, for this dress looked quite feminine and attractive, sleeveless form must be unusual, and would be a great solution such as puffed sleeves.

Quite attractive full figure will look in dress dark colors (black, brown and m. P. Colors) knee-length. The skirt of the dress should be necessarily in the crease, and the expressiveness of your way to help add an unusual necklines and completely open arms. Also need to be balanced and broad shoulders, if any, otherwise the figure looks more butch. Pretty good with this problem will help you cope dress with interesting details, such as the general and eye-catching trim its bottom and sleeves. It is also important in this model is the dress and cut, and the ideal solution would be a round collar. You should not even try to dress in such a shape dresses with puffed sleeves.

A small bust can help visually enlarge in size corrective underwear. But if you wear it categorically refuses, then come to the aid with a beautiful dress bodice. Good example would look style with a high waistline, which increases visual chest and giving you create a more feminine appearance.

If you are the owner of a lean body, then you should dress when choosing to pay their attention to the dresses with bright colors and prints, which will be the curves of your body more fluid and exciting. It will also be a good idea for you to look and dress with puffed sleeves and romantic ruffles.