How to become higher with the help of clothes?

Often people have a low feelings about their growth. Learning how to correctly choose the clothes, you can visually add a few centimeters in height. There are some secrets that will help petite girls look beautiful and harmonious.

How to become higher with the help of clothes?

1. His choice to stop on the clothes of the same color. Plain clothes does not break the figure, and it will look like the owner of the above, and slimmer. It is desirable to even strap was matched in tone to the basic outfit.

2. Dark things make visually slimmer figure, and hence its possessor higher.

3. Give preference to the clothes, which has a vertical patterns and drawings, decorative seams and single-breasted closure.

Clothes with horizontal lines, trouser cuffs, cross ruffles and warehouses for people of short stature is unacceptable. Also in the wardrobe petite women should not wear clothes on which there are horizontal patterns, large collars, pockets and wide sleeves. Large ornaments and buttons lead to a breach of the proportions of the figure, and it will spoil the impression of the whole image of women.

4. Prefer skintight things that make the figure slimmer. It can be a turtleneck and a sweater, because they are perfectly emphasize the shape. It looks great on the low girls clothes with high collar, long scarves that will be chosen to match the cap. Men to help to visually increase the growth will tie.

5. Do not wear long things: a coat or dress, as they visually shorten the figure. The optimal length for short people - up to the knee.

6. Pantyhose should be chosen to match the skirt and shoes. - heel height is a very important part in the creation of a harmonious image. High heels can lead to a breach of the figure proportions. The best option - a heel height of 5-7 cm. The platform on the contrary will make legs visually shorter than they really are. Shoes well, with a deep cut, lengthen the legs.