How to become a model?

The dream of many young and beautiful girls - it become a model of. This is understandable, because today work as a model - it is fashionable and prestigious, and besides, you can receive a lot of money, and as a result - recognition in the modeling world.

The modeling industry is very well developed competition, because this industry is full to overflowing. But it does not bother the young self-confident women who want to get into this business. However, success can only ones who love this profession really.

Part I: The first steps in the modeling business

There are some basic truths and tips, which simply need to read the girls taking their first steps in the modeling industry:

How to become a model?

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1. Remember that the main thing - is to take care of yourself. An indispensable factor in the model - it is a good health. Eat right, constantly work on yourself, your appearance and inner wellbeing. It is also very important that the model looked great in any outfit.

There are a number of factors that seem simple at first glance. However, it is to follow them will be much harder.

Skin should be cared for constantly. It should be clean and shiny. To achieve this, you need to wash your face morning and evening, use a scrub once a week, be sure to wash off makeup before bed.

It is important that the hair also look shiny and healthy. By the way, some agencies and managers do not mind the "natural greasy", so if you are not used to wash my hair often, then it is quite normal;

Do not forget about fitness. Ideal - is the lesson in fitness club under the guidance of an experienced fitness instructor. The coach needs to be aware of what you want to achieve, how would you like to look like. This is necessary in order to properly develop a training program. Your meals should be correct. Do not believe the "good" people who are asserting that you have no need to. There are a must! Just the food and its amount should be healthy. The basis of your diet should be vegetables, fruits, proteins, and whole grains. It is better to exclude from the products used on a daily basis, sugar, starch, fat and useless carbohydrates.

How to become a model?

2. Decide for yourself what you want to become a model. Theoretically, the model can be anyone. But as it was not there, remember, if you do not meet certain parameters, it can work for you will be very limited, and you may have to look for it in other departments:

Model "Plus size"

. If you are an owner of a magnificent forms and your clothes size is far from the 42, you too can be a model. For these women, there are also fashion shows, fashion magazines, online shopping.

Podium model

: Model for a podium should be very thin, with small breasts (as an example Magdalena Frackowiak Sasha Pivovarova). Growth of men must be from 180 to 188 cm.

Cover Girl

: This unit is suitable for girls with handsome face, having photogenic. (For example, Charlotte Free)

underwear model

: For these models the main requirement is a large chest and small hips (Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel). Male models have to have broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

Other models

If you can not carry yourself in any of the above groups, then maybe you will become a party - a model to offer to advertise their feet, hair or hands.

3. Do not forget about training. Learn the basics of the profession model can now be a huge number of various books and articles. Personal development in this area will allow you to gain and improve important skills, for example, such as the staging. In addition, the reading of useful literature will help to better understand the intricacies of the fashion business, for example, to find a good agent. Adjust yourself to the fact that to be a model - this is very hard. Everyone knows that in the modeling world, millions of beautiful faces. Even if you look stunning, it is absolutely not a guarantee that you will succeed as a model. This business requires more than just an excellent appearance. Requirements of a particular employer to get a chance you have to approach 100% in all respects. Become a model can only serious people who can competently use the excellent appearance and characteristics. A huge number of people today dream of becoming models, but to break into the modeling business world will be able to only a few, those who have incredible patience and perseverance.

To be a model - it does not mean always look like a super model. However, if you make great efforts, then this status, you can also achieve. Remember one important thing, never hesitate to apologize if you suddenly something messed up! The principle of many models - "always first" and "very confident" and if you do well with such principles, then go ahead! It is very important to be yourself, but you can not forget the fact that the business model will require you to a large number of acting, so familiarize yourself with some of the basics in this direction will not be superfluous.

How to become a model?

Part II: and modeling agencies

1. You need to have a few pictures, and it should not be erotic pictures or pictures with friends. The photograph must be clearly seen your face with a barely noticeable make-up and background behind you should not be distracting. Lighting is better to choose natural, not electrical. These photos are made specifically for modeling agencies managers. Make sure that the selected photo advantageous showed your face, profile and shape. 2. Among your shots must be well and professionally made photos. Professional photography is not cheap, but look at it as an investment into their future careers. With these photos, you will know your best angle. These images will be useful to you when you will be interviewed by the customer.

Format Professional Photos -. 20x30 cm Model agency may ask you to leave the pictures in them, so it is best to make multiple copies. If you have enough of these photos, you can make a portfolio, or "book." Do not forget to take a portfolio on auditions and interviews in agencies.

3. You should clearly know their options. These data will be posted along with your photo agency The modeling agency. You need to measure your height and weight. You should also know the shoe size, bust, waist, hips, and clothing size. The Agency also take an interest in what your eye color, hair and skin tone. Therefore, answering these questions, you do not have to think.

How to become a model?

4. In any big city there are at least a few modeling agencies. Sometimes they held an open day. You can also call the agency and sign up for an interview or audition. Model agencies are always on the lookout for new and interesting people.

With a bring a few pictures or a portfolio. Sometimes managers are asking the agency model to walk or pose. You can take a picture or to measure your output. If you have not taken, it is not a reason to be upset. This does not mean you are ugly or untalented. Perhaps, at the moment the agency is just looking for girls of another type.

Often under the guise of model agencies are operating fraudsters. Be careful novice inexperienced models may not know much and get caught in the hype. Currently, a modeling agency will not demand money from you for entering your data in the model database, and their parallel activities can not be to provide escort services. In addition, the agency could not immediately provide you with the work and give a big fee. It must not impose on you their photographers, stylists and paid training in model school. Otherwise it is not a model agency. Also, if you have not reached the age of eighteen, a professional agency has no right to sign a contract with you. So choose a model agency carefully and wisely.

How to become a model?

Part III: Working

model work - the same job as any other. Do not lie, be responsible, polite, punctual, gracious. Do not belittle or exaggerate their parameters are telling the truth. Otherwise, a stylist who will pick up clothes for you, choose not what is right for you in size. Because of this, he may have problems, and your career, too, can suffer.

When dealing with people, be courteous and friendly. Perhaps the person has a connection, and if it is good for you to respond, it will help your career. Your appearance does not give you the right to be rude, cocky and arrogant. Differently about your beauty will quickly be forgotten, but remember you as a model with bad character. With such people no one wants to work, even though excellent data and talent.

At the interview or shooting, always disconnect the cell phone. If you are late, politely warn in advance. Do not swear and do not resent.

How to become a model?

Models often have to run around with the casting to casting. Keep a diary and accurately follow your schedule. You must be ready at any moment to go to the casting. To succeed, you need to work hard and look for opportunities. Try to attend all auditions, where you can notice. In addition, you must have an understanding of everything that happens in the fashion industry.

Treat photographers respectfully listen to their opinion. Their task - to drop you off in the most favorable light. Helping him in this, you will first of all help yourself. It is not necessary to tie with photographers romance novels, it's better to be a professional relationship.

To become a successful model, you need to approach it as a serious work. If you treat the model as a hobby, most likely you will not reach great heights. This work, not fun entertainment. One week of downtime - and you can forget. If you decide to be a model, you must pay the same amount of time as any other job. model age is not long - more than five years. You do not have much time, you need to have time to use it to the maximum. Every day there are more young model, so the competition in this business is great.

How to become a model?

Sometimes you may have to apply makeup. You can notify the customer in advance about whether you need a makeup artist or not. If you do not give up artist, be prepared to make up yourself. You must have with you the necessary cosmetics. At least foundation.

You should be able to apply themselves. Know how to operate the camera and listen to the requests of the photographer. Often they are waiting that you will interact with the outside world, to show certain emotions. A coordinators podiums will want you to go a certain way. Be prepared for this.

A few tips for those who want to become a model

First of all, you need in any situation to be himself. The most important thing - to feel its beauty and not to believe those who try to convince you otherwise. Be sure to be confident, but do not overdo it: excessive cockiness nobody paint.

Do not forget about your health: good nutrition and enough sleep still nobody harmed. Even for the sake of harmony you should not starve yourself.

You do not necessarily have its own portfolio: sometimes just a few pictures that you can show in a modeling agency.

Be careful when signing contracts and releases (original mini contracts): many are paying special attention to the rights of photographers to take pictures at times claiming that they can do with your photos that you want. Do not forget about the rights model and let us not exploit his image. Be sure to discuss these aspects before signing the agreement. Do not be ashamed to abandon filming nude, if you do not like it. Also be sure to get permission from their parents, if you have not yet reached the age of majority.

How to become a model?

If you do not want to be bound by contract with some specific agency, you can try on your freelancing career. But do not forget that in this case the payment is likely to be lower than the contract.

Do not be amiss to look at specialized forums and websites to communicate with professionals from the scope of the modeling business. They can not only give good advice or answer your questions, but also provide you with additional services: recommendations for portfolio, photography or agent, etc...

Internet - is power. Create your own web site, which will allow you to share information about their progress, to publish the best pictures and maybe even get your own fan club.

You can go to a special model school, after which a certificate is issued. But who can guarantee that in this school, you will learn how to be a model? Some agencies believe that such schools even in somewhat dangerous: they can teach you bad habits, from which the later will be difficult to get rid of. In addition, the model school are usually too expensive pleasure.

If you are confident in their abilities, try your luck on some modeling contest, making sure before this, he held an authoritative and well-known modeling agency.

How to become a model?

Now, a few caveats:

There are many scams that promise high-paying job, which invite on casting models abroad, paying one-way ticket, and thus, luring girls into prostitution. Therefore, you have to have enough funds to in case of emergency, to buy a ticket home.

If you want to pose for the photographer, whom he met through the Internet, take a companion - it is important for your own safety. In that case, when the photographer refuses to pass on shooting unauthorized persons try to put things in advance of him help. Most agencies ask before proceeding to sign the contract. Before you do this, be sure to read it carefully and make sure that you have understood everything correctly - you need to clearly realize that you sign.

Be careful with those agencies, which require prepayment. Of course, if you do not work, the agency does not pay, and if you all paid for, then they have no incentive to look for your work. Still, try not to accept advance payments. And even if you are one hundred percent confident in the agency, find out what exactly they are asking for a fee.

How to become a model?

Model business is tough, so do not be discouraged after every rejection, because even the stars of world modeling are around seventy percent failure.

If you manage to become a high-end model, try to stay as long as possible in this niche. It is even possible to use plastic surgery, liposuction and other procedures.

To swirl in the modeling business, you need to have nerves of steel and a firm character. Because of the incredible psychological pressure, many develop psychiatric problems and eating disorders. Do not be afraid to tell your loved ones - perhaps after this conversation you will feel better.

But if the burden of problems neposilen for you, you feel that you do not manage, then the best option - to think about changing the profession. The most important thing - it's your health, so no work should not harm him.