How to combine colors in clothes?

When choosing clothes, many women experience some difficulties in the selection of a combination of things from your wardrobe - so listen to the advice of stylists on what color is now in vogue. Many experts recommend the fashion industry who want to emphasize their individuality, to make in your wardrobe bright accents. But is it necessary to blindly follow fashion trends? Why not opt ​​for the clothes that you enjoy its convenience, the right color and model in which you feel confident?

How to combine colors in clothes?

There are some strict rules in the world of fashion in choosing clothing colors. Many may say that any rules in the field of style and fashion trends can be broken, thus proving its underlined the uniqueness and individual style. But this is debatable.

After reading the article "How to combine colors in clothes?", you will get some advices on how it is most advantageous combination of trendy colors of clothes, and then you will be able to pick their own clothes, choose clothes, most emphasizing your dignity.

The first thing to do - explore the range of colors

. After studying the color wheel, you will be able to understand the basic truth that all colors are created from the three primary colors red, yellow and blue. The rest of the color scheme is the "extra", and appears thanks to the mixing of the adjacent primary colors.

How to combine colors in clothes?

Complementary colors are located on opposite sides of the spectrum, next to each other. The term "optional" might be a little confused when choosing clothes. This does not mean that the combination of them in your attire is mandatory. The easiest way to choose a successful range for the combination - focus on the flowers, standing opposite in the color wheel.

The second thing to take into account - it is the main color types of


- neutral - white, gray and black;

- cold type - green, blue and violet colors (lavender);

- Heated type - pink, red, yellow, orange, and pink-purple all tones (plum);

- Neutral warm type - cream, beige, gold and brown tones.

Before you choose a dress, you need to determine how to categorize the selected color, and then you can easily take advantage of combinations of color wheel.

How to combine colors in clothes?

If the color selection makes you trouble - in this case, choose one of the primary colors and combine it with the color that is in the color wheel in front of him, but a few shades lighter (for example a blue dress, and to him pale -Yellow shoes, or light-pink T-shirt with a green skirt).

The third - you can combine those colors, which are located next to the color wheel

. Being in a single color, they can be perfectly combined with each other. Such a combination of two adjacent colors can be quite easy to use in their finery, and it will always look stylish. It can sometimes be combined in such a way even three colors, but it is better to stick to two. If you add a third color - ideally it should be neutral.

How to combine colors in clothes?

In general, the use of costumes in more than three colors is overkill.

Basic Tips combinations of colors of your wardrobe

1. If you want to wear more than one item of clothing is no single color - make sure that your entire outfit clearly picked the same color or clear traces its different shades (eg, blue with blue). It is not permissible to wear full clothing set almost the same color with a barely perceptible shades, otherwise it will look in such a way as if you were trying to pick up all the elements of the same color, but you failed.

2. Do not mix black and brown, brown and gray, black and dark blue, and white and cream. These colors do not mix with each other. There is a small exception: the combination of black and light brown. However, to choose the right brown color - is complicated enough, so for the selection of brown, turn over, it is best to the stylist.

3. Brown goes well with warm neutral tones, but with such colors and warm colors like red, purple and pink - the combination will not work to achieve. Instead, you need to opt for cool colors - for example, blue or green.

Small bright accent of warm colors on the background of the cold color palette will draw attention to himself. For example, a bright red tie against a background of soft blue shirt or a bright yellow accessories in conjunction with the green dress. However, you should not overdo it.

How to combine colors in clothes?

Too many pastel colors in one outfit will look too corny.

Combine light and dark shades of a single color to achieve a chic stylish image. Dark green and light green, pale yellow tones and bright deep yellow always look perfect to be together.

If you wish to opt for clothes, where there is some sort of pattern, please note that in all this finery must clearly dominate any one color.

Choosing clothes with a pattern, it is necessary to limit the choice of color combinations of three colors (this also applies to neutral tones).

Accessories such as belts, scarves, shoes, gloves and bags should be of similar color.

Do not be afraid to experiment - for example, it will be very well looked pale cream-colored blouse, a dark brown pencil skirt and shoes deep red.