What to wear to the office in winter

Many people face the problem of winter dress code in the office. Judge for yourself, we are able to put on several garments to keep warm on the way to work. But coming into a warm place, such layering does not play in your favor. Sometimes it looks ridiculous, but in most cases, it is simply inconvenient. If you are not willing to constantly change into other clothes in the office, stick to the new dress code trends.

The game of contrasts

Contrast is no longer a variable, but rather a constant in the world of fashion. So feel free to stock up clothes of different colors and shades, it will create a unique image and will not let you get bored. Even if the dress code is quite strict in your office, you can always dilute its unusual bright decorations, artsy or handbag. Every day change accessories let this bracelet today, tomorrow will be a necklace or earrings. Also, play with style. By rigor can add romance in the form of frills, tesemochek and other liberties. Thus, even the classic version of the white top, black bottom will appear in a special way.


If you have at least one eye look in fashion magazines, you'll find that a hit of the season began to pastel colors. Ranging from all shades of beige, finishing with pink, turquoise, pearl gray and neutral. To dilute the soothing colors, add a drop of playfulness, such as the color maroon, garnet, cobalt, lilac, violet. Actual use of the strap around the waist, which is suitable to both skirts and pants to. He will decorate the image and your waistline.

What to wear to the office in winter What to wear to the office in winter What to wear to the office in winter

Trouser suit

Pantsuit - a classic of the genre. Now fashion houses are developing quite unusual model suits. This season focuses on the large baggy suits in men's style. Also relevant is a neat, tight-fitting woman's dress. If you are not afraid of experiments, and the Office rules allow, said to work in a suit male cut. If you want to be the most stylish, look for elongated jackets mid-thigh with an elongated V-neck. If you want to stick with the classics, prefer shorter jackets, which are also perfectly fit into any wardrobe. Classic trouser option - pants, tapering. They will help you visually to throw a couple of kilos and will give you a couple of centimeters desirable. The best length - up to ankles.

What to wear to the office in winter

Shorts in the office - it is a reality

Simple desire of any office worker - to throw away the work, dress code and be forgotten on some deserted island beach. Therefore, for a more comfortable stay in office, designers have developed office shorts. They are pants that reach to the knee. Their styles are as varied as the styles of pants, they can be tight and smooth. If the rules allow, you can even pick up those shorts shorter. In addition, they are perfectly combined with shirts, blouses and jackets. A complete image of a beautiful accessory to your taste. colleagues surprise there is no limit!

Skirt with Basques

Baska rushed into this season and it is firmly stuck. If you are not familiar with it, then it looks like a normal skirt, but with assemblies on the hips. Assembly skirt sewn to the waist and ends at the hips. Baska can be sewn over the entire circumference of the skirt, or only on the thighs. Typically, such a skirt - it's the accent, so try to trim her blouse in neutral colors. Skirt with Basques - just a godsend, as it also corrects the figure. Your waist will visually narrower, while in the region will smooth thighs shortcomings. The most favorable color of dark skirts: brown, green, purple. But you have the right to choose the ones that appeal to you and go, try it! Show your imagination and individuality and invent your own combination of clothing!

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What to wear to the office in winter What to wear to the office in winter What to wear to the office in winter What to wear to the office in winter What to wear to the office in winter What to wear to the office in winter