How to choose a blouse?

Wardrobe of every woman - whether a young student, business woman and socialite - can not be considered complete without this garment. It's about blouses - strict office, elegant, frivolous ... blouses may not be much, they are relevant in almost all circumstances, but at the same time choosing the right style - not an easy task.

There are no universal styles, that would go to all women, without exception, with any type of figure. But knowing what dignity addition I would like to emphasize, and what - to disguise, it is easier to decide on a cut or color.

How to choose a blouse?

The girl with a figure like "pear" - narrow shoulders and stout hip - suitable short form-fitting blouses. Classical Indian dancer figure, which is also called "hourglass": magnificent breasts, slim waist, rounded hips - pretty blouses in almost any model. Curvy female figure type "apple" looks better in a blouse with original cut and broad shoulders visually look Bole narrow in blouson sleeves with a flat. too, it is not so simple with color or print blouses. A decisive role in the selection can play a shade of hair, or should focus on the tone of the skin. Light-skinned girls rarely go dark colors, but if the skin is very pale, "not a person" would be a green color palette.

How to choose a blouse?

It is well known that the transverse stripes on the fabric complete, and the ladies with outstanding forms should be avoided. The vertical same strip has the opposite effect - and therefore has the right to take their place in the wardrobe.

If charmed blouse in a store once, as the saying goes, "village" on the figure, do not rush to pay for the purchase - first you need to ensure the quality of material and sewing. Not too much to look at inside out - everything is straight seams, do not stick out there somewhere in the thread, as evidence of negligence by the manufacturer.

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How to choose a blouse? How to choose a blouse? How to choose a blouse? How to choose a blouse? How to choose a blouse? How to choose a blouse? How to choose a blouse?