Find your own style! Practical tips big girl

You have already crossed three decades abroad, but in spite of that you feel still quite young and even more attractive? And no wonder! After all, this is fully consistent with reality! Because now you're like a ripe fruit, the eyeballs poured fragrant juice! Now you are mature and wise in their decisions, for your shoulders have some experience and your knowledge base is significantly different from the one that was with you at the time of reckless youth? You can boast of certain achievements in a particular field, you become much more confident in yourself and know exactly how to present yourself correctly.

Find your own style! Practical tips big girl

So it's time, when it would seem as comfortable jeans are starting to weigh in the wardrobe more often flashed different dresses, bluzochki, skirts and jacket.

Naturally, since this requires position. And it's time to think over their own style, which would not only emphasized the individuality of its owner, but would like a convenient and practical.

Find your own style! Practical tips big girl

A number of practical suggestions can help with this


1. Things is constantly updated wardrobe should be fairly universal.

Such things are out of time and out of fashion. They are, were and are always relevant. Of them it is very easy to assemble ensembles, combining them with each other. The category includes such things: the little black dress, a dress-box, a classic pencil skirt, trousers classic style, stylish shirt. 2. Do not be afraid of color experiments. It should be learn original color combinations in one ensemble. It will look fresh and fashionable.

You must combine the colors correctly, motley incomprehensible mass of rare delights.

According to the rules of etiquette, one quite appropriate attire is the presence of three different colors. Two of which must belong to the same color scheme. The third aims to create a contrast ratio in order to outfit did not seem monotonous and boring.

To date, there is already an actual rule when bag and shoes should always be the same color.

It looks too pathetic and rather heavier ensemble. Excellent will look some one bright element, a second which is still a couple of accessories.

3. Do not blindly follow the fashion. Fashion trends to be followed consciously.

Yes, to be always dressed fashionably, it is necessary to take into account fashion trends of the season. But, look! It seems that all the girls and young women dressed in a wardrobe, as if he were one at all. No personality! Do not blindly follow the fashion and show the creativity that will distinguish you from the crowd.

Especially carefully worth belongs to the so-called "all the rage". The thing is, even the most fashionable, but do not fit your image and wardrobe, so can and stay never to wear. 4. Try to find new and interesting solutions for the combination of things from your wardrobe.

In principle, the board seemed a logical continuation of the previous one. But, the fact is that to learn the art of combinatorics, can truly work miracles, not even being a happy owner of a rich wardrobe.

Taking the thing-to-date in this season by expanding its classical elements or things from the category of vintage, you can create a great and very original outfit.

His unique and personal style will always be appreciated by those who do such things is a good judge.

5. Correct use of accessories able to give life even in seemingly quite boring and conservative outfits. Accessories - this is what every fashionista needs to pay special attention to tracking new trends in this field and buying necessities. Because, again, it is not necessary to buy all, preference is given to those products that suit you and to your existing outfits.

6. And the main thing - is to be yourself! Each of you is truly a unique creation of nature! You are priceless and unique. This is what is worth emphasizing in its image and own style.

Clothing - this is just one more way of self-expression! This is the way, not the meaning of life! Love yourself, appreciate yourself and you fall in love with the whole world!