Wide shoulders: what to wear to hide them?

Many women suffer from some of the features of its shape, it forces them to give up the different models of clothes to not focus on the problem areas. And if nature has endowed broad shoulders, , it is better to wear how to hide this feature?

Wide shoulders: what to wear to hide them?

Choosing the right top of the

This will help to hide his broad shoulders with the simple things in cut the upper part of the package, preferably a dark shade. Round neckline suitable to use V-shaped or square should not.

Wide shoulders: what to wear to hide them?

Things that are elongated silhouette, such as a cardigan, jacket, coat or a coat allow to divert attention from the broad shoulders too, and visually draw the silhouette. Do not give up on knitted blouses, dresses and blouses in a kimono style with raglan sleeves, "bat." Such clothing Adjust broad shoulders using hose volume.

Choosing the right bottom of the

The lower part of bundled must be considerably brighter than the top. For example, light trousers or skirt will help to focus on the bottom half of the female figure.

To achieve a balance in the figure, you can, if you use the classic and skirts, for example, is very suitable here tulip skirt, still possible to stop the election on the jeans or trousers wide cut free in the hip area.


Visually stretched shape and divert attention from the broad shoulder line, not only properly selected sets of clothes, but also the appropriate accessories for them. Tied around his neck a bright handkerchief or scarf, wearing a long necklace, a woman can get a great solution to your problem.

What you should not wear a

When choosing wardrobe better to abandon the shirts and blouses with overhead hangers or straps, from the things of bright colors with sequins or shiny material. These wardrobe items increase the amount of figures and draw unwanted attention to your shoulders.

Do not use thin belts, as the background of their more massive will look broad shoulders.

Wrong, by the way, is the assertion of many women that wear volume helps hide such arms. She, on the contrary, even more draws attention to the top of the non-ideal shape.