How to combine clothes

How to combine clothes

should be guided by two main rules for selection of attire:

- fashion style must be the same;

- the colors should fit together.

Choice of clothing style is usually made without much difficulty. To select colors people rely on their intuition. Many people actually correctly identify colors. But to know some proven rules apparel choice for anybody will come in handy. The surrounding people perceive us, first of all, in appearance. Our appearance, depending on the clothes might look interesting or tasteless. To learn to dress nice, not difficult, the main thing to have this desire.

The following describes the rules of color combinations of selection, which must be guided in the selection of clothing.

Monochromatic mix. When this combination is determined by the main color, such as blue. Then, to this color matched other shades. For this case it will be turquoise, sky blue, sky blue, the color of the waves, and so on. D. If the principal will choose the red, then to select him of pomegranate, dark pink, cherry, coral, and so on. N. Color.

achromatic combination of. This style is realized with the use of white, gray and black colors. It is also possible to use bright accessories, for example, a bag, a bracelet or a handkerchief. In this case, the combination is used without gray. This refers to the combination of a simple style and is used for business meetings, official events. complementary combination of. This style is suitable for people who love the combination of bright colors. The main rule is to use the combination of a combination of opposite colors in the color wheel. Excellent combinations are blue and orange, red and green, purple and yellow. A combination of cherry and salad color will look vulgar. A combination of scarlet and emerald green colors look great.

The orchestration. This combination is the most popular. Determined the main color and complement to the basic shades close to it. A color accessories may be lighter or darker. Sometimes it is recommended to use black and white colors.

Constantly try different combinations with wardrobe, in the course of the experiments you are sure to find a very good solution. Experts advise to add to outfit a grayish hue when you're not quite sure about the color combination of their clothes.