From what to wear checkered jacket?

In the upcoming fall season can feel free to choose for themselves checkered jacket. It was a long time when designers did not seem to notice the cage. It formed an opinion among professionals that the thing that has checkered pattern is too strict and boring. However, the time has come and checked jacket in fashion again, albeit in a somewhat modified form.

checkered jacket is not for everyone


From what to wear checkered jacket?

Of course, the checkered pattern is very attractive. However, it is necessary to know who and what to wear. To do this, take into account the value of the cell and the cut of his jacket, the type of your figure and cell color.

If you need to hide certain flaws of your figure, you should pay attention to the following combinations. Select for a bright checkered jacket. And supplemented his trousers, a skirt or tights that have a uniform color. It can be beige, gray or black color.

If you are a petite girl is trying to choose a jacket that has a small cell size. Suppose he has a calm neutral tone. Then they will perfectly blend in and other parts of your clothing. You can pick up accessories that are bright and vibrant colors.

What may be suitable for everyone, so it's a jacket that will please your eyes with a cloth soft texture. Suppose he has a pattern with a white or black, gray or beige shade. With this jacket, you can create a trendy and classic image of a successful woman. We should not forget that checkered jacket should have such a pitch that they are well in harmony with the color of your hair and your skin.

What to wear a jacket in the cage


From what to wear checkered jacket?

Of course, the best option would be if you give preference to self-colored things. Choose to be muted or bright colors that are contrasting with the color of the jacket cells.

As for the various combinations, it is necessary to adhere to these recommendations. Patterns that are available on your clothes, should be merged to some common theme. For example, the cell must be combined with any other type of cell. A perfect combination, which is considered a classic, is a checkered jacket and denim clothes. Style can be very different.

When you select a variety of options, what should wear a jacket in the cage, try to choose such clothing in order to achieve maximum ease of other components of your clothes. The same applies to accessories. With the right mix of accessories and things companion you can have sports and business look that will attract the attention of others.

The following photo gallery you will see what are checked jacket:

From what to wear checkered jacket? From what to wear checkered jacket? From what to wear checkered jacket? From what to wear checkered jacket?