Tops: choose and wear

Tops - versatile clothing. They are combined with both jeans and trousers, and skirts of any length. They both look great on the dance floor and in the office, if properly present them. Stylists say that every girl in the locker room should be a few tops that can be divided into the following three groups:

1. Elegant - those that are suitable for hiking in the clubs and on various parties.

2. Officials - the ones where you can go to work or some kind of more or less official reception.

3. Ordinary - the ones where you can go to the store or go on nature, etc...

How to choose the right top?

Tops: choose and wear

Of course, guided by your type of figure and tsvetotip. You do not know anything about them?

Then you find out now!

"Triangle" - the type of shape, in which you need to choose a top that will increase your top. This means that the top must have a cut-out (for example, a boat), or some interesting prints (but at least the same stripes). It is desirable that the top was a slim cut. As for color, are selected so that the bottom was darker than the top - and then you all to balance in its external appearance.

Tops: choose and wear

"Inverted triangle" - the opposite of the previous type: you need to increase the visual bottom. You will look good tops in the Empire style - those that are free from the waist. U- and V-neck, wide straps and dark colors - what you need to emphasize the breasts. And to focus also on the shoulders help tops strapless.

Tops: choose and wear

"Hourglass" - type figure, in which you fit tops that emphasize your bust chic. And waist. So feel free to take close-fitting and poluoblegayuschie model. You can try and form-fitting top, but he is unlikely to be well to look at this figure. However, all depends not only on the overall complexion, but even the shape of the face. The emphasis on the waist easy to do it by the strap. V-neck or boat-cut - what you need. And be careful with tops made of light fabrics - they can add unnecessary volume.

Tops: choose and wear

"Apple" - the type of shape, in which by means of stamp you need to emphasize the waist. To do this, there are tight and poluoblegayuschie model. And, of course, it is possible to emphasize the waist using a belt. Do not forget about the neck. Emphasis should be done just on your own merits. Top and bottom should preferably be of the same color. Take note that the tops with high-waisted hide the belly if he is. they just should not be too bulky.

Tops: choose and wear

"rectangle" - the type of shape, in which the cut-out should be as deep as possible. Fit V- or U-shaped. Do not forget about the belts and also try to focus on the chest - this will help overestimated waist and different prints. Well, the top is selected. And what to wear it? Everything is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Here are some ideas with which you can combine top. To start with a few tips about the ordinary tops in the so-called casual-style. They are quite simple cut and there are surely (and even simply must be!) In the wardrobe of every woman. They are easy to adapt for any fashion trends by adding to them a variety of accessories. Perfectly match with shirts and cardigans. It is easily transformed, if you suddenly overtaken the creative impulse.

Tops: choose and wear

And then, finally, the Council:

1. Overlying and poluoblegayuschie tops go perfectly with almost everything. Do not be afraid to experiment!

2. Combine the tops with sweaters, shirts, jackets, and even other tops.

3. tops with sequins and beads, lace tops, models of different length, with sleeves and without - even in your wardrobe is everything, not only the standard cut tops without interesting details. 4. Tops casual style can easily be transformed for an evening out by using various accessories.

5. As we have said, do not be afraid to experiment - but still you will never regret it, if you will be tops of gray, black, white and brown colors.

6. Choose tops made of natural fabrics, because you will often wear them, which means that they should be pleasing to the body. Well, if their composition has Lycra, nylon and so on. D. "Official" Tops are suitable for those cases when you need to look not too smart, but not too ordinary. They do have a very feminine and usually are made of lightweight fabrics. From the usual differ in that they have a more interesting and different cut ruffles, ribbons, puffed sleeves, belts and so on. N. From the evening are different in that do not show too much of the naked body and have a discreet cut. It looks great with both jeans and a more formal clothes.

Tops: choose and wear

Again tips:

1. In order to "reduce" elegance, wearing a top with the cardigan.

2. It is best to combine these tops with solid color bottom, since it is they, rather than the bottom, in this case - the central part of your outfit.

3. No need to overdo it with decorations in conjunction with such tops. They themselves have interesting details, so do not overload the image.

4. You need to have at least one top of the base colors: white, red or black. He will help you out in any situation. Ideally you should have at least one of each of these colors. Black is appropriate, always and everywhere, white is perfect for the summer, and red - to stand out from the crowd. And now a little about the evening tops. And here we find a huge number of invoices, cutting and jewelry. The main feature of such tops - open. They show a lot of nudity. And it's only you in plus. You can set different accents, picking contrasting parts, all kinds of applications, and more. And finally a few more tips:

1. If you do not want to look like a parrot or a Christmas tree, pick a bright topu monophonic bottom (not necessarily dark, just one color). Sometimes it is possible to experiment, but still at the same time you should be no more than 3 or 4 colors (fabrics with prints do not count).

2. Part of the evening tops made in the form of tunics, which means that they can be used as a dress, combining with leggings, shorts and bright tight pantyhose.

3. Evening top must necessarily be bright, not only color, but also style. But do not forget, of course, that, first of all, it should fit you

4. If the evening's top seems too open, then you can wear it in combination with topom in casual style.

5. Top need to hide your flaws and highlight the merits.

Tops: choose and wear