How to combine colors in clothes?

In the daily hustle and bustle among the people passing by, we are faced with a variety of representatives of the fair half. In the crowd there are also "gray mouse", funny and weird informal. And sometimes vulgar, vulgar ladies. But if you look through the eyes of another person, an observer, in the list of "informal" and "gray" girls can get us. And it can happen because of the usual bad taste. Well, in other words, simply the inability to combine the colors in their clothes. I think that many of us do not have a representation of what to wear bright colored coat or trousers.

How to combine colors in clothes?

and the way we perceive people directly affected by color. After all, put on a cheerful and lively girl gloomy, inconspicuous clothes, we take it as a boring "gray mouse". Conversely, wearing a bright and catchy quiet prude we perceive as a clown in the circus ring.

Do you want to learn how to to properly combine colors and create the right way? Then this couple tips for you!

How to combine colors in clothes?

The first advice would be: Do not overdo it with flowers! Since in excess of colors in your image, you risk becoming a parrot. Remember the rule of three colors and never ignore it. With the variety of colors in your closet should be very careful.

Second Council recommends that you carefully examine the types of colors and basic variants of their combinations. There are four main types of color. To a cold type includes shades of blue, green and purple colors. Warm colors include shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and plum. Neutral colors are black, white and gray. A warm neutral - a beige, gold, cream and brown. Let's also consider the more successful variation of color combinations. For example, a "cold" blend purple and white. Schematically, this can be expressed as follows: one color in combination with one neutral color.

Another example is the combination of three colors: yellow, green and white, single color or combined with two neutral colors. Also ideal would be a combination of two neutral colors - black and white.

If we consider the combination of warm colors, then it is possible to offer the option of brown, beige and cream.

It is also possible to combine the fabric with a pattern. For example, the drawing in combination with one or two neutral colors. Or: drawing in combination with the color pattern.

You seem difficult to remember all of these combinations and combinations? Try using our tips to make your list and each time leaving home, look into it. And picking up the clothes in one color, do not forget about our first council.