Choosing shirt

Each person in the closet there is a shirt - this thing is basic in the wardrobe. The shirt has always been a fashionable thing. Selection of Shirts - is not always an easy job, it is necessary to choose the right model that will hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. The choice of shirt with a picture - a cell.

The origin of the cells originally comes from the Scottish fabric (plaid) having multicolor. Our stars often appear in public in a plaid shirt, than the result in a shock fashion designers.

Modern Style

If you want to follow the example of Mary-Kate Olsen, put on a Scottish cage with boots or leggings. If the weather allows you to shape and shirt can be worn without a bottom, highlighting the slender legs. To your attire was not like a nightgown, add the image of hair ornaments, watches, chains, belts and so on. D.

Choosing shirt

Cowboy Style

Under the shirt you can wear a T-shirt and hat to complement the ensemble, cowboy boots and cravat.

The style of rock 'n' roll

By the shirt in red and black large cage wear black jeans, adding to the image of his boots and jacket. If your figure has a fat shape, it is preferable to select an elongated jacket with a thin vertical stripe or small cell. This shirt is visually pull your figure and hide the roundness. If you are the owner of a small chest - Avoid large shirts, but the cell at the same time can be large. If you prefer a youth style, you can tie knot shirt under the chest. In this case, the shirt can be any bright and rich colors.

Choosing shirt

to The classic monochrome shirt

Plain classic shirt can be a base for your costume for every occasion, regardless of the style of clothing. You will present all the traditional colors to choose from - blue, white, black, pink, fuchsia, green, purple, yellow, etc. The classic style.. Straight skirt or pants with "arrow", a white shirt with zip and shoes.

The style of casual

Shirt pastel jeans and closed on a low-heeled shoes or boots. Owners of rounded forms must choose a shirt darker tones go from hard tissue, straight cut. One, two buttons on top of the best to undo, to draw attention to the bust of luxury and get away from prying eyes on the other volumes.

Choosing shirt

Shirts with patterns

To set the mood or symptoms, wear a shirt of bright, rich colors with stripes or select a shirt with a floral pattern. If you are a fan of the bohemian style, be sure to get in your wardrobe a long shirt with a picture, adding to her bag over her shoulder.

The retro style You'll look snogshibayusche, if you wear tight-fitting pants, a bright pink shirt, dragging her impressive belt. If the shirt has a free-form cut, then in any case, do not wear it loose pants, or your outfit will look like a night pajamas. When choosing shirts Avoid patterns with surround floral motif or a shirt with a bright color and a bright pattern, at the same time. The first embodiment can be worn jeans pants narrow or dark, and the second - and discreet dark bottom.