What color goes red?

Red - the color of the classic bold, bright, and most importantly, self-confident women. However, not every woman dares to wear something red. Whether it's a dress, a jacket, a skirt or trousers. Much more often encountered among red accessories: handbag, clutch, a variety of jewelry, scarf, and, of course, shoes. But if you know how to properly combine the red and other colors, then most women will wear something red as a basis attire.

It is very important to know and understand what kind of flowers combined with red, so that the additional elements of a stressed and shade red.

What color goes red

What color goes red?

The classic, and most importantly, profitable combination is a combination of red and white, black and gray.

However, if any of the combinations with red should be very careful. With the combination of red and white should pick up a snow-white, blinding white. A red or red will further emphasize the dazzling white. If white with shade beige example, the red can turn this into a muddy shade. These are not white-white shades of red should be selected muted colors: burgundy, wine, dark red. It should be remembered that in such combinations White color should serve as the core, and the red only complement it. For example, a white dress and a white long cardigan, elegant red stilettos, red handbag to match your shoes, bracelet or earrings red. Very cozy and in a set of red sweaters same time beneficial to look with a white pattern and red trousers narrowed. As outerwear supplement can be a white coat and white boots.

What color goes red?

Loved by many combination of red and black. Classical and strict, it is perfect for formal meetings and events. For various parties and festivals such an option would also be very suitable. Red combined with black give the image of a magical mystery make him passionate and provocative. Red dress with black inserts, black shoes, a red bag and accessories in black - dress lady vamp. Do not forget about the right makeup to your outfit, especially red lipstick.

What color goes red?

A very popular combination of red and gray. But you should not overdo it. Otherwise, your package can look dull and depressing. Add a third color in the overall composition. Suitably can be black or blue. An excellent option for each day, for example, can be a set of dark blue jeans, a gray shirt and red jacket. Red coat and boots will be a great addition as outerwear. From accessories suitable red bag and a gray scarf. It should be remembered that the gray color looks better is not bright red, and its muted color. This does not mean that red is combined only with these colors. Of course orange, purple, blue, green, yellow will also look great. However, it should be remembered that in the same package should not be used more than 3-4 different colors. One of the colors should be the base, and the other color only complement it with accessories or shoes.

When you select additional elements to the clothes of red, remember that in many respects the harmony of your image depends on the shade of the main color red.

The following photo gallery you will see the with any color combine red:

What color goes red? What color goes red? What color goes red? What color goes red? What color goes red? What color goes red? What color goes red?