How stylishly dressed women 25+

Not one century worked out the rules of stylish clothes to wear. To dress tastefully, and the need to take into account its shape and the place where to send, well, then, as you turned age. Suppose outfit itself chooses a girl who for 25. What do I need to pay attention in this case?

Important: Do not try to choose too luxurious and exquisitely delicate garments that are to face the older ladies. After all, a similar outfit to add you a few years, and it does no good. And that in fact there is also this: the years pass, the youth did not return, and there is a poignant nostalgia for that time. And sometimes you can find such a person, dressed in youth - it looks to put it mildly, is not "ice".

On the contrary - a young girl who was not yet eighteen, in too strict business suit also looks strange. And it does not help to make this suit a career (as some believe), and looks ridiculous. Marrying and giving birth to the baby, a girl, too soon tends to respectability, understands that in the pursuit of a career missed the golden days of youth. And then she starts to wear clothes more suited to teenagers that age again. So it is better, my friends, to adhere to the golden mean.

We are going to work: to dress stylish and easy to

How stylishly dressed women 25+

Let's say you work on a strict dress code, and all the ladies are required to dress elegantly. But this does not mean that you have to be strictly straight skirt to the knee and a dull coat black or gray, complete with office blouse-jacket. Let's add a little bit of freedom and lightness - it is quite possible. But how?

• jackets Models type "oversayz" - the perfect solution. Moreover, free style must be combined with tight things.

• High-quality solid color sweater without a pattern is always appropriate. But with a skirt or trousers in which case you can dream up.

• With monotonous thing is quite possible to wear bright and bold (for example, a skirt with an interesting print or ornament). However, there may be bright pants and blouse. The main thing - do not overdo it. No more than one such thing!

• And, you can buy a big bag in the style of "shopper" - they are cheap, and looks to youth.

• Putting your wardrobe, do not completely stop at the classics. Here versatility is important. Let's say - a lot of things with severe forms of decoration are quite appropriate minimum at work, but they can completely transform a bright accessories or gay youth T-shirts and T-shirts. And on the weekend you can get dressed.

Go for a walk with her friends: Dress up the carefree and fun

How stylishly dressed women 25+

Then you can afford to relax and dream. Heels to wear does not necessarily - at your age and feet flat shoes look great. Of course, if the shoes are stylish, comfortable and beautiful.

Taking a walk with her friends, you can show off your most advantageous place. For example, the beautiful legs emphasize skinny jeans, trousers or leggings-pipes. Beautiful shoulders, neck and neckline is also possible to emphasize, but not overdoing while. Why not - youth and suitable conditions are suitable to show off a little bit.

How stylishly dressed women 25+

go to the party: Dress up glamorous and attractive, not only boring

Put on the evening mini-dress - it is quite suitable for your age. Only the top throw with no jacket, bolero and denim and even leather black leather jackets. Complete the outfit youth an original accessory.

You could: white blouse, plus a blue suit. It does not interfere with high studs. This outfit will add a good mood, and you'll look simply stunning.