Bridesmaid dress for the bride. What to put on the witness at the wedding?

Her best friend is getting married and invites you to be a witness. This is - an honorable and a key role in the wedding. Bridesmaid dress for the bride is as important as the rest of the wedding attributes. Sometimes, when the bride herself thinks not only his image but also a friend. Otherwise, the choice of dress for the witness remained behind her. What should be a dress for the witness?

The first and most important rule - a witness at the wedding dress should match the style of celebration.

Bridesmaid dress for the bride. What to put on the witness at the wedding?

Wedding "classic"

If the groom in a black suit and the bride in a gown of white lace, it is always a wedding in a classic style. For this style of wedding dress for the witness - strictly a long evening dress or a cocktail (a little below the knee). It is not acceptable if the witness comes to a celebration in the small, deep neckline and extravagant outfits. Dress in white or shades, pant suits are not allowed. In order to avoid various confusions as well as possible superiority outfit for the witness to better align with the bride before the wedding. Ideal - select it with her.

Bridesmaid dress for the bride. What to put on the witness at the wedding?

Unusual wedding, with the wedding theme

Modern weddings are increasingly different from the traditional, every couple wants to make this day a memorable one, not like other weddings. You can choose what or style and match it to all, even young and witnesses (perhaps it would be funny pirates and fairy-tale characters). Therefore consider outfits for witnesses should also be careful how and for themselves. Indeed, except for the young at the wedding video and photos will be more likely to witness. Therefore, in addition to the wedding for a witness to be in line with the wedding theme. Weddings in the European style of

Quite important today to do a wedding in a European style, where several girlfriends, dressed in the same or similar evening dresses. These dresses look great in photographs, particularly of nature. However, there are some pros and cons. The bridesmaids will not always be "equal as the selection", most often they are different age, physique and appearance. And the outfit, which will go one, do not go for another girl. In this case, it is recommended to choose a fabric or fabric one color and sew dresses for each of the individual styles.

The color of dress bridesmaid

Given that the witness denied the white color, yet not every outfit would be appropriate and look beautiful in the pictures. So, it is best to opt for a wedding pastel colors. Ideally, if the witness would outfit for monophonic (saturated without figure). The most relevant are shades of pink, blue, green, silver and pale gold. Saturated and bright colors are best avoided, as well as dark (will bring a touch of sadness).

Bridesmaid dress for the bride. What to put on the witness at the wedding?

In many ways, the bride take wedding dress rental. First of all, it comes much cheaper. The same goes for attire for the witness. In bridal salons, you can pick up any evening gowns for the witness. And if in the same cabin to choose a dress for the bride and bridesmaid can be on-site to evaluate how they will look.

Accessories alongside the witness

At the wedding, the witness has an important role, it has to perform a number of duties in the course of the event. That's why you need a rational approach to the selection of accessories.

witness Shoes. Not recommended shoe high-heeled shoes, better on average (have to walk a lot, run and dance). Be sure to bring your pereobutsya (for example, ballerina dresses in tone). Also, the height of the heel choice depends on your height and groom. The witness should not be too up or too down from the bride. This is ridiculous.

Gloves. There are evening dresses, to which are attached the gloves to the elbow. Beautiful, but uncomfortable. Since the witness at the wedding of the main assistant, you need to choose a compromise (or fingerless gloves with elegant eyelet).

witness Handbag - a kind taynichok a wide variety, but necessary for the bride things. The bride at a wedding is to keep in the hands of just a bunch, and the rest is kept by the witness. Therefore handbag should go dress or stitched to it under the order. It should fit pins, hair clips, cosmetics, thread a needle, wipes, spare tights or stockings, headache tablets. Also need a separate bag with a removable shoes for the bride and bridesmaid, handkerchiefs (to the church), and other things that will be stored in the car.

Headwear & Decoration. If the bride is no such enhancement, in addition to the witness as well, hat can be appropriate. You can decorate the hair beautiful hairpins or flowers. However, it is not necessary to wear a huge hat or jewelry that will interfere. Selection of jewelry and costume jewelry should be limited (necklace, ring or earrings small), so as not to overshadow the image of the bride.

Bridesmaid dress for the bride. What to put on the witness at the wedding?

to witness Makeup

With the make-up should not be less attentive than the other parts of the dress. Makeup and desirable to do the bride, and the witness of one professional. Makeup artist, seeing an outfit for the witness will be able to choose the best colors. It's worth noting that most of the time the wedding takes place outdoors, so the evening a bright make-up is not relevant.

The role of the witness at the wedding is very important and a lot of responsibilities (helping the bride, participate in contests, etc.). Therefore, convenient and beautiful outfit, tasteful, will help not only the most easily fulfill their role at the wedding, but the triumph of grace and cheer up a friend.