Stylists are advised how to look slim

What should I do to have a slim figure?

You need to wear clothes that fit well on you, tightly hugs the body. It is necessary to make it close to the body in the widest parts, but not accentuated creases. In this regard, many people avoid streaming, thin materials. A similar principle applies to a curvy figure. Loose clothing is not hiding under a nothing, so there's every graceful beauty can be transformed into a shapeless image. Experts also give advice in how to hide the belly.

It is necessary to focus on the monotonous color. He gives the silhouette of harmony and visually increases growth. Since in this case no part of the body will not be singled out, and the wide place is not struck.

To divert attention from the disadvantages of the figure can be put on elements of decoration or colorful shiny shirt to stand out it is the upper part of the body. Such a method is suitable to girls who have a pear-shaped figure.

On the broad areas of the body it is advised to wear dark colors, but did not dwell only on the black. For this role perfectly suited colors like gray, dark blue, dark green, brown.

If you have a magnificent bust, then you fit blouses and dresses with V-neck. Such a technique is capable of visually lengthen growth impart lightness upper body. Styles with a collar, and a sweatshirt - this is not for you. They make the neck shorter and create a picture, if the body stocky and massive.

Stylists are advised how to look slim

It is necessary to beware of large pockets that are usually sewn on the trousers in the buttocks area. They, in turn, pay attention to precisely those areas of the body that many try to hide, make slimmer.

It is necessary to emphasize the waist. So figure able to look much more feminine, so you can avoid the image shapeless bag. This is where you can read about fashion prints, which will be a big hit this year.

Often walk on high heels. A little extra centimeters help you become leaner and more. Although health is not harmless, but will have to be patient with a special event. Since it is possible to hide protruding belly? Here your clothes - your camouflage!

Stylists are advised how to look slim

How to look slender

Blouses, tight-fitting body and topics you will not fit. You can wear a loose blouse or sweater, slightly flared under the bust. Such things can accentuate your chest and hide protruding belly.

Tunica able to hide the folds at the waist. Also help you loose dresses with ruffles at the neckline area. An additional advantage - it is the length of the "mini". The attention of others at the same time will attract your bust and legs and not the roundness on the abdomen.

There are two important principles:

1. Do not wear clothes made of coarse fabric such as wool. It visually plumping body.

2. Do not wear clothes made too thin fabric, such as satin. It is able to highlight every fold of your body.

If you use these methods, your figure will always be irresistible. Also, your figure can emphasize thin denim trousers, dresses in jersey. In no case do not wear quilted types of clothing such as a jacket or vest. They will sit like pouting at you.

Stylists are advised how to look slim

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It has long been known that black tends to slim figure. But other colors is not necessary to push away. Dark pink, pomegranate, violet color is also very good slim.

Small patterns as flowers or peas, in the form of vertical stripes can visually lengthen growth.

Having a protruding belly, she may well put on a suit. This garment will favorably allocate your figure. Overalls perfectly with T-shirts and sneakers. This is a stylish reception for going outside.

Flared under the breasts clothes, for example, dress in the style of "baby doll" will not allow others to notice your figure flaws in the abdominal area.

If you are going to the beach, then stop your choice on one-piece swimsuit Lycra. He will model your figure and will drag his stomach. It is also possible to wear fashionable tankini swimsuit having a top in the form of elongated top. should not wear shiny fabrics with large patterns and horizontal lines.

Undoubtedly, figure requires a great care. If you still grabbed extra weight, the correct choice of clothing will help you look irresistible. Hopefully, these tips will help you!