What colors are brunettes?

Brunette girl is always associated with a fiery temperament, passion and dynamism. Too many men prefer women - brunettes due to the fact that they are passionate lovers and rock lady. In fact, almost all the ladies who have dark hair color can be proud of! because this appearance gives the women an opportunity to create many contrasts and different combinations - both in makeup and dress.

What colors are brunettes?

The nineteenth century ideals of feminine beauty were brunettes. Since then, things have changed, and today, the hair color is not an indicator of women's beauty, but the fame of great temperament beautiful brunettes still going. At all time, it is appreciated brunette, they are valued today. If you are the owner of chic dark hair, then you should learn how to emphasize their natural beauty resorting to a variety of combinations.

Brunettes easy enough to choose the right kind of clothes. In the color palette, there are no shades that can not be combined with the hair a dark color or the wrong shade of feminine beauty. Owners dark hair is suitable for almost everything - from pristine white to pure black. There are some exceptions, but in spite of them. Brunettes can wear a dark solid colors: gray (both light and dark), black and brown. Light colors are also brunettes: cream, beige, vanilla and white. All of the above colors can be combined. It is in conjunction with dark hair, you can get a great ensemble. Brunettes are well suited cheerful and bright colors of the rainbow. Virtually all the dark-haired woman looks gorgeous red dress. For it is on brunettes, this color grow together, it looks festive and fabulous. Red color with hair is a beautiful contrast.

Brunette dressed in a red dress always looks chic.

We recommend you consider the colors that go blondes differ significantly from the colors that are brunettes. Blondes are not suitable green and brunettes it fits perfectly. Profitable will look not only bright enough and bright colors, but also the emerald and rich colors of nature. Brunettes with caution is necessary things olive color.

What colors are brunettes?

The blue color is perfect for almost all brunettes. But the color should be strongly saturated. It may be dark blue, royal blue, sea, simple classic blue and turquoise.

Purple color can make your feel too sad and mourning. Wear this color should be very careful.

Brunettes are encouraged to wear pink colors bright and vibrant, but in any case not faded or pastel.

Brunette with brown eyes can wear clothes of bright orange - the color of brick or orange color. Always worth remembering bright coral color.

Brunettes can experiment with different shades of sunny yellow with mustard tone, which is fair-haired woman looks not very nice. Let you look at the colors worn brunettes not worth it. As already stated above, not all brunettes are suitable pastel colors all colors (except white, beige). Ladies with dark hair in these shades look very strange and not nice. Brunettes are not suitable pale pink and soft pink tones. Caution should wear pastel and light-green dress.

Brunettes can safely afford only those colors as canary-yellow, orange - coral and vanilla.

An important tip

"Brunette" - this is just a label, under which are suitable not only ladies with pure black hair, but also ladies with brown hair (sometimes called "babe"). All the above tips are approximate and relative. In this regard, we should not be afraid to experiment with different colors, while picking up a variety of options that will suit you.

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which colors are brunettes


What colors are brunettes? What colors are brunettes? What colors are brunettes? What colors are brunettes? What colors are brunettes? What colors are brunettes? What colors are brunettes? What colors are brunettes? What colors are brunettes?