From what to wear black

Probably, Black - one of the most common and popular favorite colors in clothes. So, black little dress, on the advice of the very Coco Chanel should be in the wardrobe of every girl.

From what to wear black

The black color in clothes: you need to know?

1. The black color gives the image of a certain chic. With proper selection of the dress in the color scheme, this color works for us.

2. An unsuitable clothing set on the basis of black can visually add a few years (black takes the light, so in the neck and facial image).

3. Black color suits girls with "cold" skin (for example, with winter tsvetotip). Clothing dark shades fit girl with fair skin and dark hair, then the appearance will be brighter. Remember, wearing black clothes, you should definitely do makeup to the face was not pale.

4. Girls from "warm" skin (autumn and spring tsvetotip), on the contrary, is not recommended to wear black. Then the skin may look bumpy and painful.

5. In the event that the black color is not suitable for tsvetotipu, it still can only be worn if the neck and face will wear a different color (eg, blouse or scarf). Great solution is two-color sweater or cardigan. You can also try a large brooch.

6. Rule: "The color black is visually slimming" effect, if all black outfit. For those who want to visually reduce the height, it is ideal not only black colors in clothing, but also any dark shades of blue, brown, green, plum, and others. It is also recommended to wear monochromatic outfits (clothes elements of the same color, but the shades close to each other). 7. Costume black - always aristocratic image.

8. Combining clothes, it is worth remembering that the black color has different shades (eg, gray-black, plum, black, blue-black, and so on. D.). Thus, the black color can be both bright and muted.

9. Accessories black usually merge on black background.

10. Experts advise young women to avoid clothing in black for 30 years. And if you can not do without it, then you should learn how to combine it with other wardrobe items.

From what to wear black shirt?

Blouse - one of the basic elements of clothing. Often, many of the girls at first buy a black blouse, and then think what it combined. The images with the element should be present wardrobe bright portion attire such as trousers and footwear. If the weather is cool, then the aid can come colored sweater or cardigan. Tight pants - winning option with high heel shoes.

From what to wear black

From what to wear the black dress?

Black dress - a mandatory item of clothing every woman. Dress is easy to combine with other items of clothing, each time an image is new. Thus, the black dress you can pick up a bright jacket or cardigan. Complement the image of the shoes in the same color scheme.

It remains unchanged classic - a combination of black and white. Exquisite image - a black dress in combination with white jacket and black and white shoes.

From what to wear black

If you prefer all black, then you need to focus on accessories (eg, a good solution will be blue, red, yellow shoes). To the black color does not pick up all the lights on, it is recommended to use a bright scarf or necklace.

A black dress can be combined in a trendy style, for example with pink black leather jackets.

From what to wear black skirt?

To combine black skirt can be many things - with a blouse, sweater, jacket, cardigan any color. To image became more memorable, it is necessary to choose the bright shoes and accessories. This combination can be used as an office version, and the old-style smart chic.

From what to wear black

From what to wear black trousers?

Black trousers, perhaps the most common item of clothing other than a black skirt. This item of clothing will help to create a beautiful and stylish image. To do this, again, should put the emphasis on top - blouses, jackets, vests. This combination of clothing may be suitable both for work and for everyday life.

From what to wear black

Do not be afraid to wear black clothes. The main thing - to combine it correctly!