Squeak mody- shorts "Bermuda"

In the yard twenty-first century and in fashion includes more comfort and ease. Clothing, especially, should not strain and create discomfort. So now gaining increasing popularity shorts. They are characterized by simplicity and ease of wearing.

Squeak mody- shorts

History shorts "Bermuda"

Perhaps you have already guessed, the name such shorts received in honor of the British Isles. Here is how it was. In the British colonies were English soldiers, and the climate is very hot, so the shortened trousers were introduced. Manufacturers of clothing of the time taken up by this idea.

Residents of the UK very quickly adopted a "soldier" fashion. And so in the early twentieth century shorts "Bermuda" have become stylish office wear for men in Bermuda.

Initially shorts "Bermuda" length is above the knees somewhere in the 10 cm. Over time, we see different lengths and styles of shorts. In our time, they are represented in collections in different variations. There are both business and glamorous, casual and sports.

Squeak mody- shorts

Description shorts "Bermuda"

"Bermuda" Shorts ideally sew fabric for suits. In the business under the style of their dress shirt. The colors of these shorts are usually bright and pastel. But now frequent and dark shorts "Bermuda". Cut them free, so for summer shorts are just perfect. But they are now in the cold is not less popular. They can be absolutely easy to carry golf. When sewing edge is wrapped, usually deep pockets and roomy.

Squeak mody- shorts

Men's Fashion

Generally initially "bermuda" Shorts were designed for men and men wore to a greater extent. Over time, women also began to wear these shorts under a different top. Men look stylish in such shorts as a tie and without it. How to wear a jacket with a T-shirt and a jumper.

In our country, this mode is not very popular, but nevertheless it is in the hot tropical islands of Britain. Young guys look great in these shorts, wearing military-jacket or a sport shirt and sneakers. For us, sporty men's shorts to wear longer acceptable.

Squeak mody- shorts

Women's Fashion

Women are less critical for fashion. Therefore shorts "Bermuda" includes both business and festive style and casual. For sewing women's shorts "Bermuda" used different fabrics (cotton, linen, cotton, slim denim). The colors are absolutely different - from bright summer before the dark winter tones.

Women's shorts "Bermuda shorts" are both flared wide and narrow, almost tight. They can be both an elastic band and belt, with or without zippers. At the waist often designers add nice crease-boning. Wear these shorts the fair sex are not shy either to work or for a walk. Depending on the style, you can choose for themselves the appropriate top and will look stylish and at the same time "in the subject" anywhere.

Select your model shorts "Bermuda" and wear it with pleasure. After all, comfort - above all.

Squeak mody- shorts