Leopard print - add an exotic

Well, who does not like the cat family? Almost every woman at least once in a lifetime compared herself with the cat. Grace and the greatness of the genus Panthera big cats deserves respect and admiration. They were afraid, but they and admire. Since their coloring is unearthly attraction.

This very cleverly used by our designers. They exploit the concept of leopard print clothing all seasons. And to attract the attention of predatory women dress color them, oh so, it is possible!

Leopard print - add an exotic

Caution with leopard print

Leopard - cat cautious. Similarly, we women should behave, dressed in clothes with leopard print. After all, even a print-often heavily associated with obscene or narcissistic women.

Generally leopard clothing gained special popularity in the 90s, when everyone in the neighborhood tried to dress pobagache and leopard print clothing is synonymous with wealth and power. Now is certainly not the time, but caution in the choice of this type of clothing we can not hurt.

Leopard print is now worn and little ladies, adults, mature in a woman's life. Clothing with a coloring sew on any shape, height and age. In our time, this print is no longer synonymous with vulgarity. But some of the rules to wear such clothes should still remember.

Leopard print - add an exotic Leopard print - add an exotic

The rules of wearing leopard print

And so, the first thing you need to consider: it is not necessary to become a leopard from head to toe! You are all the same person. Wear one thing with a print or two things with a very similar print. This can be either the basic clothing such as a dress. And maybe some of one (maximum two) accessory eg handbag, bracelet, shoes or a bandage on his head. And your exquisite taste will be appreciated.

Nor should wear thing with leopard print in combination with other patterns. Cage, peas, flowers - all this is combined with other clothes.

Immediately it should be noted that the leopard print, it does not say, and attracts attention. And it attracted to the exact part of the body to which it is put. Therefore, to enhance the beauty and harmony of your legs, wear pants or a skirt with a print. But if your figure does not shine perfectly, better hold on such a bright print. After all, it will only aggravate the situation, drawing attention to themselves. Emphasize the accessory beautiful part of your body.

Just for the same reason (to attract strong attention), do not buy cheap clothes from fabrics. Leopard - gorgeous animal, as well, and you have to look with a leopard print luxurious, not cheap.

Another important rule - leave your leopard outfit for the evening, do not wear it for a business meeting. Cat you in the evening and at work decided to wear a more formal style.

Leopard print - add an exotic Leopard print - add an exotic Leopard print - add an exotic Leopard print - add an exotic

What are the colors worn with leopard print

This coloring is ideal combined with such colors as black, brown, beige, gray, white, coffee.

But those who wrote us fashion is increasingly moving away from such classic colors. They resorted to a bright and extraordinary color solutions (deep blue, purple and other bright colors). But, again, the rule of moderation has not been canceled.

Be sure to look in the mirror, so as not to look too nalyapisto. Or leopard scarf and shoes, and dress the other colors; or top and bottom of the leopard, and accessories - simple and neutral. Even one such accessory spotted coloring can soften any strict style.

It looks very catchy combination of leopard colors with red. But choose leopard details carefully so as not to look ambiguous, unless you are striving for such an effect. Lipstick and nail polish bright colors (varnish only on short nails) will be a great addition sexual image. But the shade is better to choose a more quiet: beige, brown, gold.

But still, of course, it depends on the place, time and society in which you are going.

Leopard print - add an exotic Leopard print - add an exotic Leopard print - add an exotic Leopard print - add an exotic