7 tips from stylist to really work

Ian Feast - Great Russian stylist. At an interview, Ian, giving an answer to the question "What is beauty", said this: "This is probably the harmony between appearance and emotional state, it is confidence, education and internal human charisma."

Here today in the article, we decided to combine tips Jana that she puts in Instagramme, and help create a fun and correct style.

What, here are tips that Ian Feast gives all women, so that they can look completely.

7 tips from stylist to really work

Council stylist №1: hats under a fur coat

For elegant and sophisticated women an excellent option for a fur coat will become a hat made of felt. You will look very elegant, but on the heat out of the question here is not. Fedora - it's just beautiful.

Under the fur coat is not desirable to wear a fur hat. It is better to try a knitted cap.

Woman with eighties can perfectly get a fur coat if you add or tweed trilby hat and accessory such as large earrings weighty.

It takes from felt - also an excellent choice for a fur coat.

From knitted hats perfectly with fur coat will look cap with volumetric lapel.

For original and innovative individuals can try to combine fur coat with a turban.

7 tips from stylist to really work

Council stylist №2: high stockings and socks

If your boots are smooth, reaches to the knees or your boots match the color of golf - you can wear. Slender legs in socks look great.

Very good if you wear boots under shorts or mini-skirts with tights, and on top - socks. But it is better if your coat is not a mini length, and at least a little above the knee, to not look vulgar.

7 tips from stylist to really work

Tip stylist №3: a down jacket

Stylist Yana Fisto advised to use as a down jacket outerwear as little as possible. According to her, stylish jacket looks very rarely. Yes, it's comfortable and easy to wear, but it is better to choose a woman's elegant fur coat or tissue. Since you did not down jacket, try to search for the original model with an interesting cut and silhouette.

If you choose a down jacket, you will appreciate where it can be put on. If it is so beautiful, and even looks like a coat, it can be worn even in the theater under the high heel. If a more sporty style - wear in the respective places: on the nature of the city. Of sports shoes under dutuyu model down jackets can wear denim pants and ugg boots. With classic boots such models should not wear down jackets.

7 tips from stylist to really work


Tip stylist №4: about pantyhose

Openwork mesh tights, wear very carefully. They combine extremely simple and modest things.

Black tights choose matte, pearl let them be the minimum. Well, if the tights are with low waist. Then they will not be ugly to peek out from under the trousers or skirt. Transparent tights to wear as you can, but follow some rules. If you wear them, you have to be sure that if your figure is not ideal, it is close to that. After all, when boots perezhmut feet, it will be very noticeable on transparent tights. Aesthetics - a little, though what beautiful boots will not. If you are overweight, and it is very noticeable on the legs, better wear a short skirt and boots case. Only the skirt should cover the knees. Then your appearance will look more beautiful.

And observe the color gamut. So, if you dress a bright or light-colored tights that simply must be light. Under the darker and more saturated color of the dress you can choose black tights.

7 tips from stylist to really work

Tip stylist №5: about difficult things and textures

Tweed + feathers - elegant combination. But be ostrozheny and look in the mirror.

Women "in the body" and the women too short this combination should be chosen with particular care. But this rule. And there is also an exception. Maybe cut and texture of your belongings will be really great for you to sit and feathers only accentuate your style and complement. After all, "grow" and can be due to the heels and feathers smooth light chiffon coat. All things can be perfectly adapted to its shape and look stunning and unique.

7 tips from stylist to really work

Tip stylist №6: how to extend the life of make-up

It so happens that you need to do make-up in the morning, and your holiday starts the day. To make-up look "like new" throughout the day, before applying the tone, apply on your face basis. It will extend the validity period of foundation.

If you plan a photo shoot, then select a matte powder. Radiant effect powder will ruin the person in the photo greasy luster. And powder is better to take with him. When you see that your makeup goes bad, wipe the face with a cloth and a degreasing powder the face. So you will be able to save the situation.

7 tips from stylist to really work

Tip stylist №7: a varnish textures in clothing

To look more modest, remember that the varnish should be one thing.

The varnish coat is not necessary to combine with smooth leather boots. But such fabrics like tweed, wool, velvet paint a very nice look.

If you have some element - lacquer, the make-up will make it less bright. Choose pastel colors and shades of lipstick that does not look aggressive and vulgar woman. The same goes for hairstyles and clothes under the lacquer. It should be moderately easy.

7 tips from stylist to really work