Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism

We offer now go back to the distant 60s to Britain and take the best from the clothing of the time in the current style. These years in those regions characterized by short haircuts, dresses, trapeze, red suspenders and big vintage glasses. Mod style - that's the name of the trends in fashion, we now try on.

Style Story

In the early '60s in Britain originated subculture, which gave impetus to Mod style. In those years there was a British youth who are financially able to afford to dress expensive, beautiful and unusual. They bought scooters, broke away in nightclubs and on VIP- party at a very cool music of the time, records of which, by the way, to get it was very difficult. Their ability and a sincere desire to look modern gave rise Mod style (modern).

Elegant men's suits the young and wealthy sewn to order. A distinctive feature of their boys being good children were rude "workers' shoes. Girls stood out from the crowd of mini-skirts and trousers. And in general they can be immediately noticed and distinguished from other youth hairstyles and overall image.

Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism

How to create an image in the Mod


But just will not be able to get dressed hooligan, he came to the image of the time. This is a thoughtful style. Only very subtly combining classic, grunge, rockabilly and retro, you can create the right style Mod. In this style of men's clothing reasonably fit into the female wardrobe. British youth 60s preferred elements unisex clothing. And it helps to create a feminine, but slightly naive and childish way.

Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism

Features style

1. Short dress silhouette A-line. The main rules of dress at the time: trapezoidal, supershort with visible geometric prints.

Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism

2. The shirt with a turndown collar. Popular among the youth subculture were shirts without sleeves or with sleeves a little below the elbow. They put on their own or under the suit.

3. Checkered trousers. Mandatory requirement in the selection of trousers - ease of riding a scooter. "No," the glamor and stiffness dvideny. "Yes," comfortable models. Desirably, the pants have cell pattern.

Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism

4. When the day is not supposed riding a scooter, girls having fun wore miniskirts. And the more in a skirt "mini", the better.

Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism

5. The large sweater. Our favorite warm loose sweater. Trend 60s easily lived up to our years and is still at the top of the fashion Olympus.

Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism

6. Blazer. Jacket, always with large pockets, which the ladies of that time borrowed from men's suit + Turtleneck + rough shoes = perfect girl in the Mod style. 7. Accessories. Each of the fashion trends very well determine the accessories.

For Mod style is characterized by vintage and retro accessories. Large round sunglasses in bright plastic frame and red suspenders causing a light shirt and dark trousers, to the point, exactly what you need!

A handbag? Instant messengers or setchel shown with the British flag.

Among the accessories are also popular were leggings and knee-highs. They put on a flat shoes and short skirt. Children's innocence, but how stylish! Jewelry - Only a massive, flashy, notable and large.

Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism

8. Shoes. Extremely low or small heel sole. And it will Lofer, Chelsea or boat - the choice is yours. And you think, how different you can ride a scooter? The only way.

9. Make-up and hairstyle. For Mod style is characterized by neat short haircuts and clearly marked eye. Arrows, dark shadows, false eyelashes - and your face from the 60's ready.

Style Mod: modnoe hooliganism