How should dress decent girl? All possible and impossible.

Of course, every girl should be able to create any image, however, not all images can be applied to itself. Today, "Fashion" will tell you how to dress to be a decent girl. To begin with, what does a decent girl. Of course, the same behavior and appropriate clothing. It was a decent girl can introduce parents to recommend a job.

So, what you can and can not wear the clothes of a decent girl. Of course, in the wardrobe of a woman should be the basic things - for example, the classic skirt, blouse, black strict dress and court shoes and preppy style things.

How should dress decent girl? All possible and impossible.

Who is she, "decent girl"

"Girl decent" - the concept is rather abstract. However, probably, in general terms, it is the girl not promiscuity, not vulgar, from a respectable family, a good education, a permanent job and legible personal connections. Yet everyone in this concept puts its own characteristics.

For example, you are - a decent girl chooses a suitable outfit themselves according to the rules. He was like you and your friends, but elderly people slightly puzzled by what he saw of the image. And it is quite normal. Important in the choice of clothing to be guided by two parameters. Firstly, your stuff should be comfortable, and secondly you like.

How should dress decent girl? All possible and impossible.

What's wear

Ideal - a classic. Such clothing never goes out of fashion and goes to all the girls, creating a fashionable, beautiful and appropriate way.

So, what of the classic clothing should be worn? Shirt white or pastel-colored skirt just below the knee, straight cut trousers, as well as possible short jacket.

The combination of these elements will create the image of a beautiful, feminine, and most importantly a decent girl. It is worth to remember that stroke as the make-up. Of course, it should be minimal and natural, nothing flashy or calling.

An unambiguous "no"

But what can ruin the concept of "decent girl"? This is - a deep neckline mini skirt. These clothes should be replaced by more closed and elongated, which will create an exquisite and mysterious image. And the image of a little diluted, you can supplement it with any accessory. For example, in combination with a turtleneck can be used with a large suspension chain or bracelet with large stones.

Style preppy - Impress

Another way to look decent - resort to a preppy style. This style - a combination of classic style and casual, this is the style of American college students used. For characteristic preppy blouses, knitted jackets and sweaters, pencil skirts and stylish bags with simple lines and silhouettes.

This style was created especially for the "golden" youth, but now he is greeted by every decent lady.

A few important rules of

In addition to the relevant orders, a decent girl, it is recommended to perform several important rules. Firstly, it should be "weak." Secondly, to comply with the order, not only at home but also in your wardrobe. Third, be inflexible and fourthly, to choose things for her wardrobe very carefully (color, style, texture).

How should dress decent girl? All possible and impossible.

Remember the main thing - to be attractive, stylish and irresistible possible in any way. And a mysterious outfit can further give the image of both restraint and appeal.